Week 5: Fertile Myrtle Strikes Again!


I knew it, I bloody knew it! As hard as it is for me to actually believe I conceived a mere 6 weeks after having Harry my suspicions were correct! “The Quacks” have returned! “The Quacks”- a name coined by my husband- are a bizarre set of burps I get whilst pregnant sounding a lot like (you guessed it!) a duck quacking! Random as it sounds these are the first pregnancy symptoms I seem to get.

One afternoon we were in the living room together when suddenly I “quacked”. After a knowing look from Andy I did a test as soon as I could squeeze a wee and… Bingo! Pregnant.

photo 1-1

I actually did my first test about a week before which pulled up a negative result- something to note for the future- never trust a cheap own brand pregnancy test from supermarkets. Go for First Response or Clear Blue, although more expensive at least they pull up the correct results!

A trip to my doctors gives us a rough estimate of how far I am (about 5 weeks) and also earns me the nick name “Fertile Myrtle” for my speedy conception rates. Harry himself was conceived a lowly week after coming off the pill. After everything we’ve been through, at least I can take comfort in the fact that we seem to be a rather fertile pair. Some people are really not as lucky and I’m thankful we’ve been spared months of disappointment and upset.

The doctor also confirms I will be under the care of a consultant this time round. My first appointment with her will be at around 12 weeks and will continue on a fortnightly to monthly basis from there.

So happiness merges with terror and excitement merges with nerves… here we go again. And I suspect after last time, it’s going to be a hell of a lot harder!

Highlight of the week? I’m pregnant!

Low of the week? None to report!


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