Week 6: On the Wagon!


Well I’m rather pleased with myself. My first week of knowing I’m pregnant and no one, yes no one, has cottoned on yet! And if they have they’re a better actor than me! I’m thankful for this- I really don’t want to tell anyone yet as its far too early for my liking.

If you’re anything like me, hiding pregnancy poses a big problem in the form of Alcohol. As soon as anyone sees me refuse a glass of vino they know there’s a problem and pretty much everyone is going to jump to the baby conclusion straight away- it’s no secret we’re trying.

Now I’m not saying I’m a functioning alcoholic or anything but I have been known to indulge in a glass of wine or two if I pop round to see my mum or of a Friday evening. And what happens every Friday? Girly Night.

What is Girly Night, you say? Well every Friday a collection of my besties gather at either my house, one of their houses or out for a meal to catch up, rant, bitch, sometimes paint nails and de-hair each other and whatever else us girls do in flocks. These evenings can include anything up to all 6 of us or just a couple of us if some girls have prior commitments. Seeing as Mr. W and I have a ritual (and have had for over 10 years now) whereby we dedicate Friday evenings to our friends (unless something huge crops up of course- an anniversary, a family birthday, a party… you get the point) I’m practically golden to be there every Friday. Now last Friday brought with it my first major challenge, how the hell am I going to hide the fact that I’m not drinking from 5 people who just so happen to be amongst the people that know me best in the world? The answer was surprisingly simple!

Non-Alcoholic wine decantered into an old bottle that used to hold real wine! The reason for this should be obvious but nether-the-less I’ll explain. It looks like a genuine bottle of wine. It has a label with an alcoholic percentage clearly emblazoned on it and more importantly does not have a giant title on it announcing it be Non-Alcoholic- as the bottle of Non Alcoholic wine indeed does.

Did iphoto 2-2t work? Hell yes it worked! Will I do it again next week? Damn straight I will! I’m keeping this game up for as long as I can! I fear I might fall flat as soon as we decide to venture to a restaurant but if I keep offering to host at mine surely I can prolong that as much as possible? Eating certain foods in meals poses a tiny threat but I can easily work around that too. I’m a fussy bastard and their already well aware of that!

I do have to say the fact that I haven’t had any pregnancy symptoms yet is clearly helping in my deception- by this stage with Harry I was puking like something from the exorcist, knackered and I looked like utter shit. I’m lucky so far this time. I have indigestion and the occasional headache but what’s new? In fact I feel so different from when I was expecting Harry I keep pulling out my pregnancy tests to check if they’re still positive!

I doubt this will last so I’m definitely making the most of it!

Highlight of the week? Feeling good and the cat is still in the bag…for now!

Low of the week? None really- it’s been a pretty good week!


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