Week 10: Back with a Bang!


All good things must come to an end and this week they definitely have. I am well and truly in the swing of the gross pregnancy symptoms! I suppose I deserve it for having such a foul-free first 10 weeks but here we are!

Nausea? Check!

Vomiting? Check

Headaches? Check!

Fatigue? Check?

Constant Constipation? Check!

Unforgiving Food Aversions? Check!

Immobilizing Sciatica? Check!

Constant Never-Ending Indigestion? CHECK!

Restless Legs so bad you can’t help jerking them constantly around- and really wish you could cut them off if only it would give you a 5 minute respite from the unrelentless desire to flick them around? Which, apparently, also really annoys your husband as he hates watching you twitching around?! (Poor ol’ him how terrible it must be to watch?!) Massive CHECK!

What’s the deal with the restless leg thing? I never had it before and even talking about now is making me kick my legs around! Ick.

photo 1-3The worst by far is the indigestion- it brings on the vomiting like you wouldn’t believe! It’s makes me gag and to top it off if I eat anything with an after taste it keeps bringing an off version of the flavor back up violently again and again and again which leads to a sprint to the bathroom! To make matters worse I hate the flavor of mint and it kicks of my IBS cramps. So if I do pop a Rennie for some light relief from the burping I then I suffer with tummy cramps all afternoon.

It’s worse in the afternoon- 3pm to 7pm. Whilst the experience is still unpleasant id rather it came in the afternoon than the morning- with Harry getting out of bed was the worlds worse struggle so the fact that I feel good in the morning definitely helps get me to work!

The statistics for sickness are surprising- I think; 50% of women experience nausea with vomiting, 25% are said to experience nausea without vomiting and a very fortunate 25% are said to experience neither! You lucky devils you!

Symptoms generally start around week 6 of pregnancy (but have been known to strike as early as week 4!) and become the strongest around week 10 when they peak and filter out (hopefully) by week 14. Around 60% of women report symptoms stopping after week 14, around 38% report that symptoms are gone after week 20 and a very unlucky 2% report symptoms continuing almost until birth- Here’s to praying I’m not in the unlucky 2%!!

photo 2-3

According to About.com the most common signs of pregnancy are:

Missed Period/Abnormal Period

Nausea and Vomiting

“Feeling Pregnant”

Changes in Libido

Soreness in Breasts

Frequent Urination

Strange Cravings


Food Aversions

Skin Changes

Other symptoms can include; back ache, headache, constipation, heartburn, indigestion, restless legs and acne.

The symptoms are seemingly endless but the thing that keeps most women going is knowing this is all to make their beautiful little babies!

Annoyingly for me the appearance of my pregnancy symptoms happened to coincide with my first appointment with my consultant- Helen. I’ve met her before as she was the lady who went through the post-mortem results for Harry with us.

I have a vague idea of what to expect here; blood tests, swabs, a scan and chat with Helen. What I wasn’t prepared for was the sheer volume of women in the waiting room! I’m not stupid or pig headed enough to think I would be the only one there by far, but Jesus Christ- it got to the point where there were no seats left there was that many people waiting!

Considering Helen is just one of four consultants (she does Thursdays and the others have other days) it was madness! It really brings it home just how many women have babies in the UK every year and how many of them have suffered with Preterm deliveries. Roughly 2000 babies are born in the UK every day- that’s 80 a minute- so I suppose this shouldn’t surprise me but it does!

The consultant is backed up- obviously- so we have a fair wait to seephoto 3-3 her. First I see a Care Assistant to takes my BP, tests my urine and updates my pregnancy notes. Then we wait until the midwife is ready to take some blood from me or rather drain several viles of the stuff from me at a painfully slow rate. Apparently my veins are reaaaally small- good to know I’d make a terrible smack head! Next stop is Helen, we have a chat about what to expect this time round- she tells me she’s prescribing me Progesterone which I must take daily until I’m 34 weeks.

The idea with Progesterone is that by keeping the levels up in a pregnant women you reduce the chance of her going into premature labour, as before a woman goes into labour her progesterone levels drop. It’s also thought to strengthen the uterus which can’t be bad!

Then for the best bit! We get to see the little nugget on the big screen for the first time! I’m so lucky as normally parents don’t get to see their little ones until they hit the 12 week mark. Baby looks fine and I’m calmed to see a little heartbeat flickering away. After an Ultrasounds confirms a heartbeat the risk of miscarriage is lowered to 3% and the risk falls even lower- to just 1%- once the heartbeat is confirmed at a 16 week ultrasound. Although this didn’t prevent anything bad from happening last time it’s still comforting to see.

I’m back on the 3rd December for a Nuchal Scan and checking in with Helen again on the 19th December.

Something else that’s cropped up this week I think some people may have started cottoning on the pregnancy- my girlfriends especially. It couldn’t last forever and I’m pretty chuffed that I made it 5 weeks without being outed to be honest!

It was inevitable someone would discover this soon. Next week we have a Halloween party to go to and I’m obviously not going to be drinking which in my case means I might as well be walking around with a giant neon sign flashing “PREGNANT”. I’m taking a bottle of alcohol free wine concealed in an empty bottle of real wine (of course), but there’s only so far one can go… I can hardly start acting tipsy!

Highlight of the week? Definitely seeing my little one on screen 🙂

Lowlight of the week? INDEGESTION!


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