Week 7: A Pain in the Arse!


This week sees the return of my sciatica and a mean bout of constipation!

Why my sciatica comes on so quickly I have no idea, most women don’t get it until at least the 2nd trimester- I’m only 7 weeks!- A long way off the 2nd trimester but yet I can already feel the twinges that will soon turn into full blown crippling white hot strips of pain down my lower back, bum and legs. I remember last time I woke up on my back- having rolled over in the night- and I literally could not move. I was stuck. For no less than 4 hours. It seems that was not a fluke and I can expect it again in this pregnancy. Deep joy.

The constipation is far more common although I had no idea it could this get bad. TMI- I know- But pregnancy is full of wonderful gross side effects that you can’t avoid. In fact the constipation is so bad I’m forced to go to the doctors for a remedy. What is the remedy? FYBOGEL! A disgusting bitty orange powder that you mix with water to form a drink which tastes like a cup of cold sick! Yummy! But if it works bottoms up!

photo 3-1It seems my quest to conceal my growing baba is working quite well- no one has guessed yet. Or if they have they’re very good at hiding what they know. Either way I’m happy. I’m not up for the conversation yet. It may sound stupid and will maybe only resonate with women who have been in a similar situation as me- having lost one before- but once other people know your pregnant it puts an extraordinary amount of pressure on you.

This is something that people really don’t understand! No matter how many times I try to explain that I need to keep this one quiet for as long as possible, not because I’m hiding a dark secret, but because I worry for my sanity- it goes over people heads.

See being pregnant is something so emotive. People (most people) are thrilled when they find out someone’s pregnant. The thought of a new little baby in the midst is so exciting and especially with women gets them all teary-eyed, reminiscent and giddy. This is something that makes someone like me- who is quite frankly utterly disturbed by public displays of emotion- want to run, hide and vomit at the best of times. Now factor in what happens once you lose said baby.

Teary-eyed-stares again but for a different reason, awkward glances, disappointment, sadness, depression, pity. Ugh. It’s enough to make me want to top myself. So why is it so hard for people to understand that I don’t want to be the cause of this a second time around? That being pregnant is stressful enough as it is without me knowing that if I lose this baby I’m going to feel like I’ve caused that horrible scenario that I caused before?

The only person close to me who really understands this is my mum, having been in same situation. If people do not know I’m pregnant they won’t react like that if I lose the baby, because they won’t know anything about it. Simple. You would think people would think it’s understandable I feel this way but clearly not. It’s surprising how many people think they’re entitled to know this most personal of information about a human being. Anyway, at least I can relax for a few more weeks knowing my secret is safe and that bit of additional stress has not yet been applied to me.

Recently I’ve been refreshing my knowledge on the never ending list of do’s and don’ts when pregnant. Although I was only pregnant a few weeks before getting pregnant again I still find all the info sooooo confusing! Hardly anyone agrees on the research, some information is just plain crazy and most of the time the experts don’t seem to know the answer so finish with a maddening quote something along the lines of “best to avoid as experts are unsure”photo 2

I really don’t understand how experts are unsure… I’ve said it once I’ll say it again the whole of the human race depends on procreation! Have we not been getting pregnant for billions of years? So why on earth are people still unsure about what we can and can’t do? It’s ridiculous!

The list gets weirder and weirder as time goes on! I’ve actually read articles recommending women avoid:

Eating anything out of a plastic container

New cars

Non-stick frying pans

New furniture

Shower gel


I mean really? If the fate of the human race involves women avoiding non-stick frying pans and shower gel during pregnancy perhaps we should just through the towel in now?

Alcohol is obviously a big one- The government advises you to avoid drinking at all in the first 3 months (hands up who knew they were pregnant when the sperm met the egg by the way?) and then to limit yourself to a few units once or twice a week in the second and third trimester. Studies show that a few units a week will not harm your baby.

Cigarettes and drugs- again a big one- Drugs are pretty obvious (wouldn’t you think?) and smoking is hardly healthy even when you’re not pregnant. Government advice is to quit as soon as you get pregnant… Again- who the hell knows the exact moment they’re pregnant? A home pregnancy test won’t even tell you until you’ve missed your period and by then you’re already in the fourth week!

photo 1

There’s a monument us list of what you shouldn’t eat during pregnancy…

Blue cheese

Raw shellfish


Raw egg

Undercooked meat


Shark, marlin, swordfish…

Some activities are out such as scuba diving, horse riding, trampoling and rugby… no shit! But you can pretty much carry on exercising as normal.

The way I see it, it really is common sense and it’s totally up to the mum. If she wants a glass of wine once a week she can, similarly if she wants to tuck in to some stilton that’s completely her choice! But again as people seem to lose their manners over pregnant women you can be assured that someone will have something to say… and it’s bound to piss the mum-to-be off!

Highlight of the week? Morning sickness has still not yet surfaced!

Low of the week? Fybogel!


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