Week 8: Baby on the Brain!


As week 8 draws to close I’m happy to announce severe pregnancy symptoms (except constipation and sciatica of course) still have not reared their ugly heads! I’m starting to hope I miraculously may have been spared these horrors! I do gain something this week though and that’s the dreaded BABY BRAIN!

Whilst Scientists argue over the validity of baby brain, most admit there is something to the claims and the ones that don’t must all be male, and not really have a clue, because I for one can definitely confirm your brain goes loopy once you’re pregnant!

Some of the funniest and oddest moments can happen when women are under the influence of baby brain. Here’s a few stories I’ve been told in the past:

Trying to put an egg into a toaster

Attempting to brush your hair with a phone

Passing a mobile phone to a shop assistant to pay for goods instead of a credit card (that would have been me yesterday)

Completely forgetting the words for things such as “Can you pass me that dark plastic thing?” “You mean the TV remote?” “That would be the one”

And then there’s the more extreme versions of baby brain! I know women that have done all sorts from forgetting to put the hand brake on the car to reversing at full speed into a parked car for no reason! (One or two of these may have been me…)

photo 1-1

The theory that scientists have most recently put forward for why we suffer with baby brain, is that women’s brains change when pregnant so that they will be better able to concentrate on the needs of the newborn after the birth- leaving us less brain space to worry about where the keys are, what we walked into a room for or, in some cases, what side of the road we drive on…

Laura Glynn, a Psychologist at Chapmen University, California, claims these changes are brought on by massive fluctuations in a women’s hormones and that tiny movements from the baby contribute also. She carried out extensive research on how women’s brains and emotions change during pregnancy and came to the conclusion that we instinctively focus on the needs of the baby growing inside us.

Let’s say we have 10 shelves in our brain where we store memories and information, and the top shelves are where we store the highest priorities. Once a women becomes pregnant the baby takes up the first 4 shelves of brain space, pushing everything else further down the list and knocking a rather large amount of the list all together!

But fear not, Dr Glynn believes that although these changes cause us to be absent-minded in pregnancy and “may be of some cost” to how we function in our day-to-day lives, she actually thinks they make us “more sensitive and effective mothers” in the long run. Good to know!

Interestingly, she also believes that cells from the baby will pass into the mothers bloodstream and affect the way her brain works. Another finding is that once the baby moves inside a pregnant gal, whether the women’s are aware of it or not, they start thinking about the baby and push the baby to the forefront of their minds again- It seems we’re already running around after our children before they even get here!

photo 2-1In other news, doctors at the Royal Postgraduate Medical School in London found women’s brain appear to shrink during late pregnancy- Yes that’s right, being pregnant actually makes your brain shrink! They also found that it can take up to 6 months for a woman’s brain to regain its original size! Now if that’s proof of the existence of baby brain, I don’t know what is!

I am now 100% convinced this baby is a girl. I have no idea why, I just do. No it’s not because this pregnancy is “different”. As far as I’m concerned it would have been different anyway because this time it’s going to be ok and last time it wasn’t- or so I keep telling myself. When the test flashed up positive in my first pregnancy I immediately thought BOY and Harry was a boy. When the test flashed up positive this time I thought GIRL.

Only the birth will tell, as we are not finding out the sex this time, but as time goes on I’m more and more convinced. Of course I don’t care what the baby is as long as it’s healthy. When I used to hear other couples say this I always though “yea right you obviously have a preference” but in our case me and Andy really don’t care. As long as the baby is healthy it can be whatever it wants… as long as (I’m told) it’s a Chelsea fan…

Highlight of the week? My love for Purdey’s Multivitamin Drink has been reignited! Yummy!

Low of the week? Forgetting the word for red…


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