Week 11: Exam Time!


Well, week 11- what can I say? A few things of note did happen this week…

My pregnancy symptoms are in full swing but this is nothing new! I seem to be addicted to Purdey’s which is weird but I’m thankful it’s a vitamin drink I’m craving and not something more damaging…

My appetite seems to have completely vanished. Something I find very annoying. I love food so going off it when I can actually eat it fairly guilt free is not my idea of fun. Why can’t I lose my appetite when I’m actually trying to lose weight?! Then all I can think about are cheesy pizzas, blueberry muffins, pasta heaped on pasta, crisps and bread. Lots of bread. Grrrr.

photo 1More people are definitely aware something is up with me now and suspect pregnancy… I’m guessing pretty much all of my girl friends know by now but I’m 12 weeks next week, the week we agreed we would spill the beans so they won’t have long to wait for a confirmation.

All in all I’m not in a great shape, it must be said. I can set my watch by my morning-sickness-in-the-afternoon- 3pm. Ending around 7pm- if I’m lucky. One thing I am lucky in is that Mr W is great with all things pregnancy related. I can’t imagine most husbands are this sympathetic- I’m so thankful. He’s pretty much an expert in all things pregnancy now and knows things I doubt a lot of men do! I mean how many men know about the Linea Nigra or the Nuchal test or how many millimeters the baby has grown this week? Mine does! Mores the point, how many women even know that stuff? Not as many I thought!

Speaking of the Nuchal test ours was booked for this week. The Nuchal Test is an examination which tell you the chance of your baby having Down’s Syndrome. The test is usually done at the first trimester scan which, for most women, is the first time they get to see their little one. This usually happens around 12 weeks and coincides with a lot of women announcing their pregnancies as they feel more comfortable after seeing baby on-screen for the first time and also the risk of miscarriage is significantly lowered after 12 weeks.

At the first trimester scan they confirm that the baby is alive, they work out how far gone you are by measuring the crown-rump (bum) length and will look for any major problems. Usually this is just a straight forward tummy scan but sometimes they may have to scan you internally if the view isn’t clear enough. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to have a full bladder but a moderately full bladder is recommended for a proper examination. Trust me, you don’t want a full bladder! If the baby’s in a funny position the sonographer will shake and wriggle your belly while pressing down fairly firmly with the scanner- I almost pee’d myself once!

photo 2

You will probably be given a printout of your baby by the sonographer as a keepsake, which is great, but the main point of the scan is to check your baby is growing and developing properly and to offer a Nuchal Test.

A Nuchal Test is performed by measuring the amount of fluid in the back of your babies neck, if there is a high amount of fluid (over 2.5mm) this is seen as an increased risk of Down’s Syndrome. The sonographer will probably also check the baby’s nose to see if she can see 3 distinct lines. In the last few years it has been noticed that babies with Down’s do not have a visible nasal bone at their first trimester scan. The final part of the Nuchal test is a blood test in which doctors check for increased hormones which can signal Down’s. You will then be called with the results or receive a letter telling you your baby’s chances of having Down’s Syndrome.

The test can be done anywhere between 11 weeks and 13 weeks and 6 days but not after as, by then, the baby is too big to get an accurate reading. Of course you don’t need to have the test, it’s completely up to you, but as it’s not evasive most people opt for the test.

So we went along to the scan and after a relatively short waiting time we were seen in by the sonographer. Up pops baby again who has grown considerably since last week. It’s amazing to see the progress of your baby growing often- from weeks 11 to 13 your baby will double in size as it goes through a crazy little growth spurt and it’s noticeable on the scan.

Unfortunately for us, although we seem to think our little nugget has grown a lot the sonographer thinks the baby is still slightly too small to carry out an effective test and suggests we come back next week. This isn’t a problem for me as the more I get to see baby on-screen the better really. Every time we have a scan and I see her little heartbeat ticking away I know our chances of miscarriage gets lower and lower! 🙂

Highlight of the week? I managed to stay out at a party and awake until 11pm- wooo! And seeing baby again of course! 🙂

Low of the week? No appetite = unhappy Abii!


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