Week 13: PMA, PMA, PMA!


“Your baby is now twisting and turning all the tiny joints in the body, and continually moving around inside your uterus. Lango- tiny hairs present all over the baby’s body- is growing. This will eventually turn into finger print patterns on your baby’s fingers. The baby’s skin is translucent and all the tiny veins in the body are visible. The lungs are continuing to develop. Your baby may already be sucking its thumb by now. Your peach sized baby can now frown, grimace and squint and your baby’s reflexes are becoming stronger and more frequent. Your baby’s arms are now proportionate to the body but the legs are still somewhat shorter. The baby is around 3.5 inches from crown to rump and weighs around 1.52 ounces.

You will notice your baby bump developing between your belly button and pubic line. Chances are your emotions are leveling out and you may not feel as pregnant as you have these past few months. Hormonal changes may cause constipation at this point. You may begin to notice more pronounced veins on your chest. Your areola is growing in diameter. This is your body’s way of preparing itself for breastfeeding.” My Pregnancy App- Health & Parenting Ltd.

This week is all about keeping a positive mind set and trying to reduce my stress levels.

My first port of call was to take up Yoga but my search for classes in my area has been completely fruitless! I can’t believe I can’t find anyone nearby who offers prenatal yoga classes? The only thing that came up was a class on a Tuesday at 1.30pm- no good for a 9 till 5-er! Nether-the-less my quest will continue! I may have to resort to a home DVD but at least it’s something.

photo 1My second port of call was to take up mediation and breathing exercises. Something I probably would have found incredibly relaxing, had I not chosen a mediation CD that was voiced by the most gangster sounding cockney I have ever heard. This dude literally sounds more cockney than Danny Dyer! So whilst I’m lead in bed trying to breathe deeply and imagine my happy place, every time I hear the bloke say REEELLLAAAXX I’m visited by the floating image of Ray Winston, which makes me laugh. At least I’m not stressing.

My third point of call to help combat my pregnancy related fears was to develop a mantra that I repeat over and over when I feel stressed… PMA- which stands for Positive Mental Attitude. Keeping a positive mental attitude is easier said than done but when I start stressing over the little things I say my mantra as an internal reminder to calm myself down, take a deep breath and smile.

Sadly, I do find myself accidentally saying it out loud and (even sadder) as I realised the other day, not only does PMA actually stand for para-methoxy-amphetamine (which is a new type of ecstasy pill) it can also easily be mistaken for PMS or PMT…

Unfortunately for myself I realised both of these things after a random trip to Tesco’s. So, as I found myself stressed out of my mind wandering aimlessly around the fresh veg aisle, trying to find certain ingredients to make up the dinner, I started chanting my little mantra under my breath “PMA PMA PMA”… Regretfully, my brain doesn’t seem to work like it used to pre-pregnancy and I hadn’t considered the fact that at the time I started chanting my mantra I was actually leaning over the shoulder of a sweet old lady trying to reach a red pepper. Of course, the dear old lady turned and looked at me as if I was completely bonkers and proceeded to move away from me as fast as her little legs would take her.

photo 2

I can only assume she thought I was:

A. Some sort of manic drug addict on a come down

B. On the edge of an epic premenstrual breakdown

or C. Just a complete lunatic who likes to whisper “PMA!!” in old ladies ears in a sinister tone.

It probably did not help that instead of my brain working all this out at the time and trying to do some damage control, I just stood there- right there where I was hovering over her shoulder, well in her personal space zone, whilst we locked eye contact and I gapped at her like a fish. Also, I imagine, having suffered a bad bout of morning-sickness-in-the-afternoon that very evening I probably looked (and smelt) a bit like a manic drug addict on a come down too.

Note to self- use the voice in my brain to chant calming mantras not the voice which speaks out loud and fingers crossed, little nugget will not be born in a Psychiatric Ward…

My symptoms are still very much present. I find I’m coping better as time goes on. It’s now just a part of my day-to-day life to spend hours in the bathroom of an afternoon- it’s all for a good cause, the best cause. My little bubba.

Highlight of the week? A nice snuggly night with the hubby watching films and chilling out ❤

Low of the week? Surprisingly not terrifying an old lady to death- Vomiting whilst driving my car… suffice so say McDonalds chips are off the menu for the foreseeable.


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