Week 14: No More Cheese, Please!


“Your little one is now able to rub its eyes, yawn and even blink. Your baby’s hairline is forming and hair is starting to grow on your baby’s head. Even the eyelashes and eyebrows are growing. If you’re hoping to find out the sex of your baby, unfortunately it’s still too early, but it won’t take long. Even though your baby is hiccupping regularly, there is no sound produced as your baby’s windpipe is full of fluid at this stage. Your baby can also hear sounds now. Your baby is now about 4 inches long and weighs around 2.5 ounces.

Your body is now prone to contracting flu, colds and other viruses during pregnancy. It’s not because you are unhealthy. Suppressing your immune system is your body’s way of making sure it does not reject your baby. You uterus continues to rise and by now you should be able to feel it just below your belly button. Due to your rising uterus your digestive space is reduced and you may begin to notice symptoms of heartburn. This can be avoided or reduced by eating smaller meals.” My Pregnancy App- Health & Parenting Ltd.

The first trimester is drawing to close, sadly for me however; my morning-sickness-in-the-evening, constipation and indigestion show no signs of abating just yet. I can’t help but think to myself “What was I expecting? I got off practically scott free for the 10 weeks…” I guess it’s my turn to suffer!

Another thing I notice as approach the 14 week mark the bump is starting to make an appearance! A lot sooner than last time I was pregnant- I start wondering if I’m harbouring a giant in there which prompts me to ask the sonographer whether the baby is in the ”normal” size bracket. I already checked with the consultant about the possibility of twins at the first scan and she assured me there was only one in there, still, it makes a girl wonder when showing this much earlier than last time.

photo 2-1

This time they have to do a cervical scan to check the length of my cervix.

For anyone unsure of how exactly they scan a cervix it involves an unwelcome looking plastic object, with I imagine some sort of scanner on the end, being pushed somewhere where it is definitely not welcome to scan the surrounding areas. A look of confusion passes between me and Mr W when she produces said object and asks her colleague for a condom. “Bit late for that” crosses my mind until I see her slip the condom over the “object” and cover it in lube. Nice.

A possible explanation of premature labour is a weak cervix and although they don’t think this was the cause of my last labour, they’re checking all avenues this time. The reason the scan can pick up on a weak cervix is that when a women goes into labour the cervix gets thinner and starts to open, so the scan is basically to check if the cervix is still thick and closed. Apparently if your cervix is thinner than 2.5cm there’s a risk of weakness there and the consultant will decide if it’s wise to insert a cervical stitch, technically known as a cervical cerclage- a word I still cannot say correctly despite several attempts!

This sounds a little scary but basically the mummy gets put under a general and the doctor puts in a purse stitch (for all you seasoned sewers) around the cervix to help it stay shut. They usually do this after 12-14 weeks and take the stitch out before 34 weeks… you don’t really want to be in labour with a stitch still in!

Luckily for me my cervix is measuring in “nice and long”. They’ll check again at 18 weeks.

photo 1-1

Baby looks fine; nice and relaxed apparently and were bundled off to have my bloods taken before seeing the consultant.

I repeat my giant child theory to the consultant who assures me the reason I’m showing more is

A. Because you do with second babies generally

And B. I conceived so quickly after having Harry my tummy muscles didn’t have a chance at shrinking back down, so I’ll probably get the stage I was size wise last time, stop for a bit and then start growing again.

No reason to panic. 🙂

She also says the fact I’m still feeling rough indicates the hCG hormone is strong- which is a good thing. ergo, sickness is actually a good sign- who’d have thunk it?

My next appointment is the anomaly scan 13th January followed by a meeting with Helen again 23rd January.

Highlight of the week? Its Xmas week next week, which means a two ½ working day week for me 🙂

Low of the week? A packet of cheese and onion crisps repeating on me so bad I projectile vomited for hours… no more C&O for a while!


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