Week 15: Festive Flutters!


“Even though your baby is still quite small, the little heart is pumping approximately 25 quarts of blood every day. Your baby is continually becoming more active and is busy praticing all those movements that its tiny body has already learnt to perform. The bones inside your baby’s body are hardening and the tiny arms and legs are now completely formed.Your baby weighs around 3.5 ounces and measures around 4.5 inches.

Even though your baby’s eyes are still closed, they are making little movements and even have the ability to sense light through the eyelids. Your baby’s flexible thumbs are now able to grasp, preparing for the day when that tiny hand will wrap around your finger.”- My Pregnancy App- Health & Parenting Ltd

Now this may sounds crazy but at the end of last week I definitely felt the first flutters of the baby moving. 14 weeks sounds early but bearing in mind I felt my first at 16 it’s probably not so crazy. Not defined kicks just the first feelings like air bubbles popping or something tiny pinging inside me- and no it wasn’t wind!

It’s probably not surprising to know that most women find the first flutters of junior really comforting! Experts advise that you talk to growing bump regularly, massage your bump and even play music to it. Studies have shown that after birth babies can even remember certain songs and voices they heard in the womb. The rate I talk my poor little one is probably sick of the sound of me already!

This week there’s a lot going on. First off I’m now in the 2nd trimester, something most women celebrate but for me it’s a kind of weak victory as last time I was pregnant I went into premature labour at 24 weeks so I don’t feel any relief from entering this phase at all. A common piece of advice from people at the moment- “try not to stress”, “don’t stress”, “stressing won’t help”…

I often myself stressing about stressing which is a strange place to be. It’s important to keep stress levels down as they can have a huge impact of your pregnancy. High levels of stress result in an increase of the CRG hormone which has been linked to preterm labour- something I definitely do not want to experience again!

photo 1 I have already set the motions in place in my quest to de-stress- taking up yoga (still failing to find a class in my area), meditation, breathing exercises and of course the infamous PMA mantra…

I have now decided to add the above to my list of New Year’s resolutions which so far all revolve around helping my de-stress. Other things on my Resolutions list include:

A.      De-clutter the flat- Clutter and mess = stress in my book! By clearing all the crap out and making sure the flat is spik and span I will definitely feel more relaxed.

B.      Limit the amount of time I spend with people who piss me off- Sadly some of them I can’t avoid, but if I make socializing with them as infrequent as possible I can surely save myself a few stress fits!

Talking of New Year’s resolutions, this week is Christmas which should hopefully help with my stress levels as I love Christmas! Presents, food, alcohol (not this year) family, socializing, what’s not to like? I hate people who don’t like Christmas. I think people who hate Christmas are nothing more than attention seekers who don’t like the fact that this day is not solely about them.

My personal opinion is that any scrooges should be sent away for the whole festive period so they can rot together in a room without impressing their miserable faces on everyone else who’s trying to have a good time. Just a thought…

photo 2-1

In other good news my symptoms seem to be wearing off- this coincides nicely with Christmas meaning I can really enjoy myself!

The nausea is pretty much gone, headaches seem to be wearing off, vomiting has ceased- for now. This is all good stuff! Of course I still have sciatica which is getting steadily worse and never-ending indigestion and restless legs but I can deal with these- I can deal with pretty much anything- as long as nausea and vomiting have gone bye-bye!

We have a brilliant family Christmas, something I really love and even though this is the first year I haven’t drunk in ooohh.. 8 years? It doesn’t even bother me. I have better things to come later on next year 🙂 my reward will be worth it.

Highlight of the week? First flutters of junior!

Low of the week? None its Christmas and I haven’t puked in 4 days!


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