Week 17: Positive Pickle!


“Your baby is about the size of a pickle now (about 5.6 inches from crown to rump) and your baby’s weight (currently about 6.7 ounces) will increase 6 fold over the next month. Your baby is practicing breathing with amniotic fluid and its chest is moving in rhythm as if breathing air. Your baby’s hearing has now developed so that it can hear the sounds coming from outside of the womb much clearer. An ultrasound done at this point would be able to detect any structural abnormalities. Your baby’s umbilical cord is growing and continuing to support your baby.

You may get moments of dizziness or faintness as your blood flow increases. You may even notice an increase in saliva. You may develop the so-called mask of pregnancy, which is the appearance of red blotchy patches on your nose, cheeks and forehead which will go away after delivery. You may feel a sudden movement under your belly button which is your little one waving its little arms and legs around.”- My Pregnancy App- Health & Parenting Limited.

This week- despite the traditional returning to work blues- I feel pretty good. I’m actually used to my Rennies by now and don’t hate the taste of mint so much as I did pre pregnancy. Episodes of restless legs are few and far between.

photo 1-2

My breathing techniques seem to working and I’m thinking about investing in a relaxation CD to help the process even more. Will update you on my progress next week!

Even better, this week is flying by at work! I know you shouldnt wish the time away but I’m definitely guilty of that at the moment!

Little one is moving around more and more and I’m feeling her more and more. I’m still pretty sure I felt Harry more at this point but I keep reminding myself that every pregnancy is different.

Next week we have our anomaly scan or the 18-20 week scan.

At this scan the sonographer will take a detailed look at the baby, my uterus and check where my placenta is lying.

The scan’s main purpose is to check that the baby is developing normally but at this point the sonographer can (most of the time) tell you whether you’re expecting a boy or girl. Sometimes excess wind or having too much tummy fat obscures the view, so it’s hard to tell a baby’s gender accurately. And some hospitals have a policy of not telling parents-to-be, to prevent mistakes from happening. So if you’re pregnant and wanting to find out the sex of your baby at this scan- check your hospitals policy before just in case.

The scan takes around 20 minutes and the sonographer will usually point out to you the baby’s heartbeat, face, arms, legs and tummy. You can usually buy a picture of scan which will cost between £3 and £5.

During the scan the sonographer will measure the circumference of the baby’s head, tummy and the length of the baby’s arms and legs. These measurements will be used to check that the baby is the correct gestation and growing normally.

photo 2-3

I can’t wait for this scan- I will only actually be 18 weeks when I have it but my consultant is happy with that. The difference in size and detail at 20 weeks is an incredible difference from 12 weeks or even when I had my last scan at 14 weeks.

We have decided not to find out the sex of our baby this time. We want it to be a surprise- you don’t get many true surprises in life, we reason. I think the baby’s a girl but we will be happy with anything as long as little one is healthy.

Despite this agreement, I know it’s going to be very hard to stick to our guns once we get in there and know that we can find out if we want! But I’m standing strong for now!

Highlight of week? Not so much a highlight but I found it funny all the same- Me being scared by something on the tele- resulting in me jumping- resulting in little one jumping a second after that! What a bizarre feeling! Poor little bean!

Low of the week? Back to work blues!


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