Week 18: Crazy Cat Lady!


“Your baby is now covered with vernix (a white protective coating) that protects the skin from damage in the womb. Some babies are born with this coating; however, it decreases as the delivery date comes closer. Your baby is looking more like a baby now, with proportionate arms and legs, presence of fat layers under the skin and clearly defined facial features. If your little one is a girl, she will already have half the eggs she will be born with. Sex organs can now be identified on an ultrasound. Right now, your baby is awake for about 6 hours a day.

You are likely to experience symptoms of breathlessness, lower back discomfort, frequent urination, and achiness in your belly. Your uterus has now reached your belly button creating a scarcity of space. Your belly button maybe begin to pop out and your linea nigra is probably getting darker. Your weight will be increasing. Be careful to stay on track so that you don’t gain too much.”- My Pregnancy App- Health & Parenting Ltd.

This week it was time for my anomaly scan. As I mentioned previously, this is the scan that occurs around week 18-20 where the sonographer will take a detailed look at baby to check for any signs of abnormalities. They may also be able to tell you the sex of the baby at this stage but it’s not always possible and some hospitals have a policy of not telling people the sex.

We had decided that we didn’t want to find out the sex of baby wood. It was so hard to stick to this! Knowing that this is the week we can find out. This is day we can find out. Right at this moment we can find out. The sonographer knows- shall I ask now?! Do I, don’t I? It is really hard decision to make. I kinda wish I had the decision taken out of my hands. And I’m starting to think hospitals should stop people from being allowed to know the sex of their baby anyway. There’s so much in the press recently about sex-selective abortions being on the rise in the UK (around 4,700 baby girls were thought be have aborted in 2012) but that’s a topic for a different time.

We arrived for the scan, excited to see bambino on screen again. This time my mother came along too but conveniently left before I had my cervical scan, which, by the way, went really well; my cervix is the same as it was at 14 weeks. Fingers crossed it’s looking unlikely that I have cervical weakness! The sonographer popped the scan on my belly and low and behold- baby rolls over! This diva-child really has camera issues!

My Rita Cat!

My Rita Cat!

The sonographer was able to check out most things but couldn’t get a good look at the arteries and check for a cleft palate- obviously as baby was showing us the back of her head!- so we’re booked in for a follow up scan on 3rd Feb to confirm a few details. Which means we have 3 weeks in a row of scans again this scan, Helen next week and back for another anomaly scan the week after!

I’m feeling more and more movements from the little diva this week- hopefully won’t be long before Mr. W can have a feel too! And my Rennie consumption has gone down a hundred fold! Indigestion is making a speedy disappearance it would seem! Maybe this child won’t be as hairy as I thought? Or maybe this baby has got so hairy there’s nothing more left to grow…? Reminds me of a horrible nightmare I had a few days ago in which I gave birth to a cat. Nice. Regarding my other symptoms, the only one really left is restless legs which aren’t really that bad anymore. I’m tiered quite a lot but what’s new? I’m growing a human in me. All in all I’m quite happy!

Highlight of the week? Fairly materialistic of me, but after a phone convo with pops he’s offered to buy me and Mr. W a new pram! Yay! Fear not you superstitious bunch, I will not have the pram in my home until baby is born!

Low of the week? My dreams continue to get weirder! So far this week, I’ve been attacked by a lion, my parents have got back together (despite being separated for almost twenty years and both being with new partners- one married) and- my favorite- I gave birth to a cat. This one seems to be recurrent, I could swear I had the same dream whilst pregnant with Harry!


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