Week 19: Think Pink!


“Your baby is now measured from crown to heel instead of crown to rump which explains the extra growth. She is now 10 inches and weighs around 10 ounces. Your baby will be developing more regular sleep patterns now and you may become more aware of them- most babies get more active when their mums try to sleep. If your baby is a boy his testes will start descending into his scrotum and if your baby is a girl, her uterus is completely developed by now. At this point in your baby’s development, most of the energy is utilized in gaining weight. The placenta has reached maximum thickness and is busy supplying the baby with nutrients and oxygen and disposing of the wastes.

Your emotional ups and down have probably leveled out by now. Despite some growing discomfort, you are better able to feel the growth of your baby and this can make the whole process more pleasurable. Your uterus is now above your belly button and you may notice that your baby’s movements might be influenced by your voice. Sing and talk to your baby and ask your partner to do the same.” My Pregnancy App- Health & Parenting Ltd.

Week 19- This sure is going quick!

Mr. W and I had another scan this week with Helen our consultant- surprise, surprise baby was yet again rolled over so we couldn’t see her face! We did see something though, or rather lack of something… Yes, I caved and asked what the baby’s sex was! And yes, mummy’s instinct was spot on- baby is a girl! 😀

I have the will power of a lemming, really. I think it would have been easier if we had just had the one scan at 20 weeks, like most people, and then said we didn’t want to know and walked away and the deed was done. I just couldn’t cope with being presented with the opportunity every other week, more or less, to discover the sex and still finding the strength to say no! So I succumbed, curiosity won over- its pink!

photo 2

At least this way I can now start buying an influx of pink! And we can narrow our names list down to girl’s names only. I can’t actually wait to buy something small and pink! For some reason the thought of small pink things sends me a little crazy! I think the same can be said for my girlfriends who were truly delighted at the news! One of my friends, in particular, was so happy, like the happiest I’ve ever seen another person, like ecstatic! It was great!

The scan went really well and my symptoms have stayed away which is nice! I have another scan 3rd Feb and I’m seeing Helen again 13th Feb- the day before I go on holiday. My appetite is back for good, by the looks of things, which is also great news!

I’ve also finally found a place near me that does Yoga for pregnant women, so I’m starting next Thursday and I’m really looking forward to it! I’m going to try to fit in 1 or 2 light cardio sessions and 1 yoga session a week, if I can. I’m also (attempting) to start studying again. I want to clear 2 more modules before the baby gets here ideally- so it’s all go!

I’ve recently invested in some bump cream to help keep the stretch marks at bay. Stretch marks are inevitable really and if you’re going to get them there’s not much you can do- most experts now think they’re genetic! I’ve never understood people who moan on and on about having stretch marks from being pregnant- sure you don’t have a flush smooth tummy anymore; sure it’s not as toned as it was before, but before you didn’t have a beautiful little baby?? What’s more important? What would you rather have? I definitely have no qualms about forsaking my skin for a baby! Still, every little helps and I’d rather keep stretch marks to a minimum if possible! So ill keep you updated on how this pans out.

Purchased by Mr W!

Purchased by Mr W!

Highlight of the week? Bring on the Pink! ❤

Low of the week? I forgot to put the hand brake on in the car- again! Luckily, it didn’t roll into the middle of the car park…


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