Week 23: Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!


“Your baby’s hair is beginning to change to the colour it will have at birth. Her weight will double in the next four weeks. Your baby has a 50% chance of survival if born at the end of this week. The chance of survival depends of the week of gestation, mothers health, the reason for premature labour and the quality of medical care recieved. The lungs are developing and preparing for their first breaths. Loud noises may startle your baby, causing a sudden jolt in your uterus. Due to her growth, space in your uterus is getting reduced even further.

If you are getting wobbly whilst walking at this stage, this is a normal reaction to the change in your centre of gravity. Take extra care, especially whilst climbing stairs. Stretch marks are becoming more noticeable and may even itch as your skin streches. Some women may notice increased sensitivity to the sun, changes in sleep patterns and bleeding from gums. Always discuss with your doctor any changes in your body which you feel are not normal. You may begin to notice some pain your shoulders due to the strain caused by your growing breasts.” My Pregnancy App- Health & Parenting

Princesses kicks are becoming stronger and stronger and are now easily felt by Mr W. She kicks mostly when I get into bed and lie down. According to my pregnancy apps and books this is very common as lying down on your left side gives your baby more room to kick about. Another theory is that when you walk, you create a natural rocking motion inside your uterus- when you lie down this stops and wakes your baby.

This week has seen us take some lovely day trips to Studland Bay, Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door. Originally, I wanted to visit Corfe Castle but upon seeing the climb up we realised it probably wouldn’t be wise. Since I reached 18 weeks if I walk too fast or do anything too strenuous I get a hideous stitch in my right side and I mean hideous! It feels like a knife being dug into my side at force!


The consultant assured me it’s from where my uterus is growing and pushing everything else around and nothing to worry about. I know I’m more than capable of making the climb but mother was adamant. No way. So we settled for Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door to be on the safe side. Once my mother has spoken, it’s kind of law!

We also visited Studland Bay which was beautiful and me and Mr W went on a little trip to Bournemouth for the day (I love Bournemouth!) and feasted on a delicious meal at Chimichangas! This has to be once of my favourite places! Spice, veg and of course cheese and I’m in heaven!


The only down side is the closest one to us when we’re at home is again Bournemouth- an hour drive from home. While I think it’s worth it, I’m not so sure Andy will agree to regular hour long drives to Bournemouth to satisfy my Mexican cravings! I mean he’s great and I get away with murder; I’m completely spoiled but that’s probably asking too much!

Studland Bay was probably my favourite place. The views are amazing! It’s breath taking to see so much natural beauty and I found strolling down the beach, shell collecting with Mum and throwing the ball for Bonnie (the family dog) incredibly relaxing. The whole thing has really helped keep my mind occupied and my thoughts positive.


Lulworth Cove was equally as beautiful and the little cottages in the surrounding villages are picturesque. We enjoyed slurping an ice cream whilst gazing at Durdle Door too. What fantastic views Dorset has to offer.

So days spent gently strolling along various beaches and evenings spent lounging around in a cosy cottage in front of a log burner seemed to be just what I needed to repair myself after the “week of doom” I experienced last week. Of course, it helped that Mum was on hand to spoil me with breakfast and dinner appearing without the need to even request it!


Water is definitely key to relaxing me! Whenever I’m near water I feel so much better. If this pregnancy goes full term and I get the chance, I’m definitely going to to request a water birth. Even if I end up having to get out half way through to be pumped full of epidural I’m adamant I’m trying it. I know it will help relax me.

Returning home has been quite depressing I have to say! But on the positive side next week is my last full week of work. What with all my holiday still available to take, I’ve booked off various Monday’s and Friday’s over the next three months so that every week is a 4 day week, which is nice.


I’ve chosen to take my mat leave 2 weeks before I’m due as I want to spend as much time at home with the baby as possible and I also have the added benefit that my job is hardly physically strenuous, so there isn’t really any reason for me to leave early. Although if anything changes with the pregnancy I may have to go earlier. Time will tell.

This week has seen me thinking about my birth plan. I don’t see my midwife again until week 28 and I’m pretty sure she’s the person who I do my birth plan with? I’m seeing my consultant next week, however, and my doctor the week after so I’ll be sure to ask for their advice and input on it too.


Highlight of the week? My whole week really! What a fantastic break we had; it was just what me and the Mr needed!

Low of the week? Returning back to reality! Although even that came with a bonus as I get to snuggle my beautiful fur-babies again!


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