Week 24: Where it all went wrong last time…


“Your baby’s primitive memory is beginning to develop, implying that music and voices will be leaving an impression in your little ones brain. Her spine has 1000 ligaments, 150 joints and 33 vertebrae. Blood vessels are busy developing inside the lungs and the nostrils are beginning to open. Now that she has fully developed hands, loud noises may even prompt junior to cover her tiny ears to shield them from sounds. Her skin has now changed from translucent to a more opaque appearance. The cerebral cortex, the part of your baby’s brain that’s responsible for emotions, reasoning, planning and ability to solve problems is the most prominent part of the brain at this point.

Your belly is getting larger all the time. headaches leg cramp and even rib pain is normal at this time as your baby is taking up much space cramping your organs. The skin of your belly may become itchy due to stretching from growth spurt. You may begin experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions at this time. They occur due to the tightening of the uterine muscles and are felt for one or two minutes. They are not generally painful. These contractions do not have a pattern like true labour contractions.”

I write my blog updates after completing a week of pregnancy, so when I write “Week 24” you know I’m actually in week 25 of my pregnancy, so it gives me great pleasure to post this blog knowing I’m past the 24th week!

If you’ve been a regular reader of my posts for a while now, you will have heard me mention my previous pregnancy with my little boy Harry ended when I went into premature labour at 24 weeks, so getting past this week has been a huge milestone for me physically, mentally and emotionally!

Strangely, this week I was fairly calm and collected- no panic attacks, no nightmares, no sleepless nights. Just a clear head. As D-Day arrived I was nervous but not overly so. You may have heard me mention before my little theory about rainbows and my guardian angel/god/Harry/harmless coincidence? Well let me explain anyway…

I haven’t seen a rainbow in about 2/3 years and all of a sudden, during this pregnancy, I have seen no less than 15. They spring up every time I have a particularly bad day. For people who don’t know, this baby is referred to as a “Rainbow Baby” for definition, click here.

Of course this all could be (and all logical thinking points to it being) a huge coincidence; but I prefer to think of it as a little message from Harry or whoever that my rainbow baby is fine and everything will be ok, and I’m not hurting anyone by taking comfort in that. Keeping this theory going, as D-Day arrived so did a wooping, brighter than bright rainbow. The biggest and brightest one I’ve seen yet.

So week 24 went pretty much panic free, it was really week 22 that was the worst. I suppose it’s like anything your dreading really- the build up to the day is always an anxiety ridden horror but when the day actually arrives it’s not half as bad as you think.

Don’t get me wrong, just because I’ve passed this particular hurdle does not mean I now feel confident in my pregnancy- but it has helped! My next milestone is 28 weeks- the start of the third trimester. The survival rate at 28 weeks goes up 95% with only a 5-10% chance of neurological defects- fairly strong statistics in my book!


This week has been a busy one. Trying to keep my mind off things, no doubt, the husband suggested we start the baby’s room at the weekend- something he knows full well is going to plug my mind with nothing other than pink paint, wall murals, sewing bunting and designing toy chests- yes this was the perfect thing to say to take my mind off the worry.

Although I have to say, I was sad to say goodbye to my little blue room. A friend once said to me, “You don’t need pictures, toys or clothes to remember Harry. You have memories that will last forever and he will always be your first baby.” True words, my rainbow isn’t replacing Harry, she’s a new and different baby that’s all.

You may have seen from my previous post, on day 1 of week 24 I took my course of steroid tablets. I noticed a few things; a headache, trouble getting off to sleep for 2 nights after and decreased movements from princess around 24-48 hours after taking the tablets. All of which are noted as side effects from the steroids and are completely normal- phew.

I now feel slightly guilty for downing 2 pints of ice cold water, lying on my left hand side and systematically poking where I knew princess was lying until I had roused her enough to feel 10 kicks in 20 mins (still a reduced movement for princess believe or not but docs say that as long as you’re feeling 10 movements in an hour everything is ok) but hopefully if she knew how worried I get she’d forgive me 🙂

My consultant appointment on Thursday went well. Everyone is happy with baby’s progress! She was measuring about the size of a 23 week baby so slightly small, although nothing to worry about as I’m only 4’11’’ so she’s hardly going to be a biggun!

My consultant was happy enough to postpone my next appointment slightly to 3 weeks time instead of the normal 2 weeks time, with a view to hopefully keeping them at around every 3-4 weeks from the 3rd tri, as my midwife appointments start to pick up more.


I’m happy to report that I’m fairly symptom free at this stage! My PGP seems to have eased which is weird! If anything I thought it was bound to get worse but *touch wood* so far it’s ok!

The only “symptom” I really have is that I’m still quite tired- not as tired as I was in the 1st tri but I definitely haven’t experienced that surge in energy that most mums-to-be report in the 2nd tri and I’ve lost all hope of getting it seeing, as I write this, I only actually 3 full weeks of the 2nd tri left! How exciting and terrifying is that?! Other than that my indigestion has died down and now only pops up after certain foods- boiled eggs and cheese & onion crisps being the main culprits likely to set me off!

If you knew me well, you’d know this is quite unwelcome news as cheese & onion crisps are practically the only crisps I eat and eggs, well, being a fish-only-meat-eater sees me eat A LOT of eggs. These are, however, minor inconveniences- if princess doesn’t like cheese and onion crisps and boiled eggs I will forgo them for the foreseeable! She is the boss after all 🙂

Highlight of the week? Passing D-Day!!
Low of the week? The ban on cheese & onion crisps and boiled eggs commences!


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  1. Congrats in beating that target. You’ve done so well and you deserve to feel happier now! The room pictures look gorgeous! Loved this post and delighted you are past that point mentally and in real life!

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