Week 28: Calm after the Storm??


“Whether you are carrying one baby or two, they will each weigh approximately the same. i.e. about two and half pounds. Her brain is now in charge of maintaining body temperature and also controls breathing. Her irises can now respond to light by dilating and contracting. All the internal organs are maturing and preparing to function on their own at birth. You may even feel her cough. Your baby’s skin is beginning to look less wrinkly and more like how it will look at birth. The extra fat under the skin will help to regulate the body temperature at birth. Her head is much more proportionate to the rest of her body. Your baby is bursting with energy at this point and you’ll be feeling every bit of it. Your baby is around 38.6 cm and weighs about 2 pounds 8 ounces.

You don’t have much room in your abdomen at this point, so you can handle only small meals. Muscle and leg cramps may become worse at night. Whenever one strikes, push your heel down to the ground to quickly stretch it out. Slip on shoes are best at this point as you may not be able to reach your feet. Swelling may also make your regular shoes more uncomfortable. Your energy levels are probably low and discomforts such as itchiness, leg cramps, heartburn and shortness of breath are probably getting on your nerves. Practice your breathing exercises and try to relax. Sitting up straight may help relieve breathlessness and heartburn. Your breasts are also going through another period of growth.” My Pregnancy App- Health & Parenting Ltd.

So last week was hellish, this week hasn’t been as bad. I’ve kept myself pretty occupied! The weather has helped immensely- we’ve actually had a fairly nice week and this coupled with the fact that it’s not starting to get dark until 7.15pm has cheered me up considerably! I’m definitely one who is affected by the weather.

This week I’ve been kept pretty busy; taking advantage of the weather I started with the garden. We have a communal garden at the back so there isn’t a hell of a lot to do, except revitalize the potted plants and scrub all the garden furniture, but at the front of our place we our own little plot which desperately needed attention! So that kept me busy most of the weekend.

The painting was finished in the nursery, all walls are now pink and all the coving and skirting boards have been repainted white so everything has a nice clean look to it. The blind has gone up as have the curtains and we’re rapidly filling the changing unit up with supplies! Next task is for Mr. W to install some shelves in the built in wardrobe we have, so that she more space for her clothes.

My attention is starting to turn to the rest of the flat while I wait for progress on the nursery. We have bags and bags of clothes currently taking up all the space in her room so until the shelves are done and the clothes have been sorted, there isn’t really much I can do in that room. We’re probably looking at another couple of weeks before Mr. W will be able to fix the shelves, what with working and other commitments but rest assured I have plenty more I want to do with all the other rooms!

This week, along with the garden, I started my cabinet project. Basically I decided our old cabinet needed revamping so I decided to up cycle it, rather than chuck it and buy a new one. It’s handy as it’s a corner unit so it doesn’t take up much room but seems to store away quite a lot of bits… ill keep you updated.

Anxiety wise I’ve been quite calm this week, I don’t know if this is because I had a meltdown last week and I kind of got a lot of fear out or if I’m beginning to accept that if anything happens I can’t control it? Who knows, but it probably won’t last! My dreams certainly don’t reflect this state of calm; I have nightmares and strange stress dreams all the time. Two are recurring.

The first one is that I’m back in school, secondary school that is, and I’m walking round trying to find my class but I don’t have a timetable so I have no idea what class I’m supposed to be in and I’m running late. I’m the age I am now not the ages I was when I attended but strangely the teachers are still the same and most of the pupils I recognize as being the same as I went to school with.

I attended two different secondary schools and most of the dreams are about being back at my first school, the one I was at the longest, but some are about my second school too. I’m in uniform and I’m fully aware that I shouldn’t be there, I know I’ve already finished school but for some reason I know I’m being forced back against my will. It’s bizarre.

In the latest ones I’m pregnant so they really do reflect me in the present day but also I’m being bullied, people keep pushing and shoving me and ignoring me when I ask for directions.

In the second dream, the basis is the same but the scene is always different. The dream always ends with either one or both or my cats dying for various different reasons. Being shot, being poisoned, being attacked by a bear whilst trying to protect me (Yes I know I’m crazy!) They’re really vivid and scare the hell out of me!

This week I had both of these dreams, the school one twice- they really take it out of me!

My back and pelvis are still quite bad. Baby is head down now and she keeps hitting a nerve which sends a really painful sharp shooting pain through me! I’m still nauseous but haven’t been physically sick in a while which is nice, long may it continue! I actually managed to keep a packet of cheese and onion crisps down this week without being sick- result.

Highlight of the week? The sun is out! 🙂
Low of the week? Recurring dreams are not the one!



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