Sanctuary Spa Mum To Be Ultimate Retreat Hat Box Gift Set

Sanctuary Spa Mum To Be Ultimate Retreat Hat Box Gift Set


I’m not one to usually write reviews but I love this gift set so much I just had to share it with you! My husband got it for me Christmas just past and it went down a treat!

The set includes the following items:

*Sanctuary Mum To Be Stretch Mark Oil- 75ml
*Sanctuary Mum To Be Soothing Tummy Soak- 75ml
*Sanctuary Mum To Be Cooling Leg and Foot Gel- 50ml
*Sanctuary Mum To Be Collagen Boosting Body Butter- 125ml
*A Blue Body Pouf

My favourite item just has to be the stretch mark oil! I apply a generous helping, every night, all over my bump and hips before I go to bed. It contains Coconut Oil, Almond Oil and Rosa Moschata Seed Oil and smells amazing!

The texture of the oil itself is very luxurious yet thin; the product glides easily over my skin and absorbs fairly quickly, leaving my skin feeling moisturised, hydrated and not sticky at all!

The proof is in the pudding- at 32 weeks I don’t have a hint of a stretch mark yet! Only time will tell if they keep at bay for the remainder of my pregnancy- something I highly doubt as I have already acquired a few stretch marks over the years due to puberty and Yo-Yo dieting- nether the less, even if the dreaded stretch marks do make an appearance I would thoroughly recommend this product to anyone!

*Stretch mark results post baby- I ended up with a handful of stretch marks going down my lower abdomen. The stretch marks never ran past my belly button so (happily) they aren’t in an area I regularly display publicly! Still think this oil is fantastic and I believe it helped keep my stretch marks at bay and is one of reasons behind me not having too many*

Not only has it been key in helping me and the husband bound with my bump over the months, it has lasted extremely well- one 75ml bottle has kept me going from January to April and I still have just under 1/3 left! I’m hoping it holds out for another 8 weeks so I can use it for my entire pregnancy. This product has to be a 5/5!

Another item in the kit is the cooling leg and foot gel. If you read my blog regularly you’ll know I suffer with terrible restless legs and this little tube has come to my rescue many a time!

The gel contains Rosehip Oil, Witch Hazel and Frescolat and when applied instantly cools and soothes my legs- I’m forever searching for my cooling leg gel for some light relief from the pain of my irritable legs!

The gel is light, non sticky and absorbs quickly leaving no residue. It doesn’t really have a “smell” but still retains the “luxury” tag that comes with the Sanctuary products. Definitely worth investing in if you’re suffering! 4/5.

Next we have the collagen boosting body butter. Whilst I’m not as in love with this product as I am the oil the body butter still scores highly with me!

The product is packed with Almond Oil and Shea Butter and, as seems to be the theme with Sanctuary products, just oozes luxury and smells fantastic!

The cream is thick, nourishing and absorbs fairly quickly leaving minimal stickiness on your hands; your skin feels smoother and hydrated after application. The ingredients all help boost the skins collagen which helps towards stretch mark prevention.

The last week or so have seen me carrying around this little gem in my bag and applying it during my lunch breaks at work- my skin gets very itchy quickly as it grows and this definitely helps to keep my skin nice and moisturised- and in addition to the oil, it’s turning into part of my daily routine! 4/5.

Finally we come to the soothing tummy soak. The soak smells beautiful from the bottle and boasts Organic Rosehip, Evening Primrose and Sunflower Oils amongst it’s the main ingredients.

It has a thick, creamy texture which screams quality, but I have to say, I wasn’t overly impressed with this product. In fact, it’s the only item in the set I didn’t fall in love with!

I personally prefer my bath soaks to fill the tub with big, frothy bubbles and envelop me in relaxing scents- this sadly did neither.

It also didn’t last that long but that could have been because I have baths all the time or because I was using big blobs of the product in the vain hope it would form into a big bubbly lather! Sadly for this product, I didn’t rush to buy a other bottle! 2/5.

Despite the disappointing soak, I would still award the gift set a 4/5 overall, as I feel the other 3 products more than make up for the soak!

The gift set can currently be purchased from Boots at Β£18 which I think is where the hubby brought it from.

But after a little search on the net, I discovered you can purchase the set for a mere Β£6.99 at Fragrance Direct! This is an absolute steal!!!

The products can all also be brought separately and are all listed on the Boots website, but if you’re looking for something indulgent for yourself or a mum to be, this set is definitely a winner! I have certainly put it on my “must have” list for all mums to be and will definitely be investing in more oil, body butter and cooling leg gel even after my pregnancy!

One of the best Christmas gifts received this year! πŸ˜„

*I was not paid for this review or given the product for free, the gift set was brought by my husband and this is my honest unbiased opinion on how the product works*


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