Week 32: Distractions


“Even though her bones are hardening, the skull is still not solid and the skull bones are not fused together. This allows for head to reduce in diameter as it passes through your birth canal. Her brain is developing more distinct features and is capable of controlling breathing, digestive functions and body temperature. She can now tell the difference between night and day. Lungs are almost completely ready for breathing on their own and if your baby is born now, she would only need a little medical support.

As your discomfort increases, you will probably be wondering about methods of pain relief during child birth. It’s time to talk to your care giver about the options you have, so that you are prepared once your in labour. You’ll be gaining a pound a week at this point, half of which is baby weight. Your amniotic fluid is at its highest level now. Mild swelling at this point is normal; however, it’s very important to know the difference between this and the sweeping that occurs with preeclampsia. If you notice any symptoms such as severe or sudden swelling, stomach pain, vomiting, nausea, severe headaches or spots in vision, get immediate medical attention. Due to increased pressure in your abdomen, you’ll be urinating at all hours, which may add to your sleep woes.” My Pregnancy App- Health & Parenting.

The nausea is yet to let up and indigestion is worse than ever 😦 I’m starting to feel quite drained and very tired too now which, although I expected it, is very unwelcome! Worst symptoms however? Two words; restless legs. Some nights I’m close to tears because they’re so bad, I just hope that they at least let up after princess is born. I used to have mild restless legs before pregnancy but nothing to how bad they are now.

In lighter news- I’m still not finding myself rushing to the toilet in the middle of night (something I have been assured by countless other mums that I would be experiencing by now!) maybe I have a super strong bladder? Maybe princess doesn’t reach my bladder at night? Either way, I’m happy and hope it stays like this for as long as possible! Frequent midnight trips to the toilet will do nothing to help my tiredness I’m sure!!

Also, I’m finding myself still pretty mobile which I’m pleased about! I do have PGP but its bearable and only flairs up after long periods of standing up and rushing around- lucky I have an office job really! I can still reach my feet- it’s not easy I won’t lie but it’s not yet impossible for me to trim my toenails and put on my shoes and socks!

This week I had a particularly short working week- off Monday, consultant Thursday and off Friday- so I only worked 2 ½ days which was nice. I’ve made the most of my time off by throwing myself into the nursery. I have now managed to wash, tumble dry and iron all princesses clothes and put away all of her 0-3 month wardrobe. All her outfits are hung up, her long sleeved vests, short sleeved vests, day onesies, night onesies and casual clothes are all folded neatly on the shelves. I’ve lined up all her 0-3 pram shoes at the bottom and sorted her socks, booties, hats and mittens into her little drawers. She’s even got a little collection of headbands building up!

For now, it looks perfect- not sure how long that will last once she’s here but now I’m enjoying seeing all her cute little clothes ready and waiting for her!

I also took a trip to Costco and stocked up on some much needed nappies and essentials! I didn’t go to overboard as I know my mum and my nan are preparing hampers full of essentials for me but the changing unit is now full of toiletries (shampoo’s, bath wash, lotion, oil, talc, sponges, cotton buds, cotton wool, grooming kit etc) as well as changing essentials like wipes, nappies, nappy cream etc. I also have a load of bibs and muslin clothes stashed away ready, as well as numerous towels, sleeping bags and blankets- she already has more blankets than I know what to do with and I’ve been told there are more on the way!

But the best news is on Friday we ordered the cot- it look perfect and I can’t wait for it to go up in the room! Me and the husband are off on Monday so the plan is to put the cot up then- can’t wait! All of this has helped immensely with distracting me from my pregnancy- as was intended- and this week I haven’t had any real moments of panic. Thankfully.

This week we had a consultant appointment in Reading. At first, I was rather pissed off to realize that we were unable to see my consultant, but the registrar turned out to be a lovely man who answered all of our questions perfectly and made us feel at ease. He suggested that, as long as I felt comfortable with it, we could go 4 weeks until our next appointment as he was very happy with how I was progressing, he also confirmed that I could stop taking cyclogest (Progestrone) at 34 weeks, as we had previously discussed.

He said he was more than happy for me to be admitted in the midwife led ward as oppose to the delivery suite- as long as I made it 37 weeks- but the best bit was he said for our next appointment (at which I will be 36+3 weeks) which will probably (hopefully!) be our last appointment (as long as she’s not too late!) we could have a more detailed and thorough scan! This really pleased me, because although we get a scan every time we see the consultant, the scan is usually done on a fairly low visibility scanner without a printer.

The last time we were given photos was at around 22 weeks and the last time we managed to catch a nice detailed look at her face was at around 24 weeks and far as weight estimate and measurements go, the consultant usually measures her head and stomach circumference and arm and leg length and tell us how many weeks she’s measuring. Eg. “she’s measuring the size of an average 23 weeker” etc etc. But this time we get a good estimate of how much she’s weighing and how much she should weigh at birth. I know these aren’t 100% but I’m still excited to see how my little princess is doing!

All in all- it’s been a fairly a good week 🙂

Highlight of the week? Sorting princess’s wardrobe out- I can’t wait to put her in all her cute little outfits 🙂
Low of the week? RESTLESS LEGS- GO AWAY NOW!!


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      • Doing great. I worry about everything. I now worry about feeling great? Surely, I must be sick, tired and nauseous!

      • Oh no! I feel for you! Are you coming into the third tri now? This is my favourite trimester, although I started aching a bit more, Ive felt a bit better in myself with every week that’s passed so far! And this trimester is absolutely flying by too! I hope it passes quick for you 🙂

      • Coming into third. 26 weeks. That’s great you have been feeling better. Stomach getting heavier every so often but feel best out of all of the trimesters!

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