Week 33: The Drop


“Your baby weighs about 4 pound 7 and is approximately 45cm from head to heel. By this time most of the lanugo is gone. Her immune system is no longer relying on the antibodies from the placenta. This self immunity is important to protect your little one at birth and for the rest of your baby’s life. The vernix is disappearing; however, a little bit will still be left at birth. The digestive system is working by itself. Moreover, she is peeing up to a pint of urine a day into the amniotic fluid. Hopefully you’ve stocked up on diapers. Even though the placenta is capable of supporting your baby until birth it will start to age this week.

Your weight gain will slow down now, even though your baby is still packing on the pounds. Due to the way pregnant women metabolise sugar, you may find yourself feeling shaky before a meal. Some women will notice that their eyes are dry and irritated, in addition to decreased sharpness of vision. These are temporary changes that occur due to the increase of fluid behind the lenses of the eyes. Most women will have trouble sleeping, not only due to discomfort but also because of all the thoughts about the baby.”
My Pregnancy App- Health and Parenting Ltd.

This week I have noticed a massive change; my bump has dropped.

On the up side, my nausea, indigestion and heart burn have all eased, as well as the uncomfortable feeling my breathing was being restricted! Also, something I probably haven’t mentioned before- although I’m pretty sure its related to pregnancy- I used to regularly have what felt like a big extra heart beat every hour or so.

The doctors told me this was normal as your blood volume increases by up to 50% when pregnant, so you’re pumping a lot more around. It almost felt like heart palpitations except there would be no build up, it would be just one beat and then my pulse would go completely back to normal. Strange, but this seems to have stopped or at least I haven’t felt one for a few days now.

On the down side, I’m finding myself needing millions of trips to the toilet (though thankfully and bizarrely, still never at night?!) for the world’s smallest wee’s! So small and pathetic it’s unreal! I actually feel quite irresponsible; it feels like I’m wasting toilet roll. I feel like I alone could be blamed for the demise of the rainforest by all the trees I must be using up through my toilet roll consumption! Of course, sods law, if I didn’t rush full pelt to toilet to have my world’s smallest wee every time the urge took me I would, no doubt, wet myself! So pointless annoying regular trips to the toilet it is then!

(31 weeks on the left, 33 weeks on the right!)

I can also feel a lot more pressure down in my pelvis. I can’t quite sit comfortably with my legs together on a low seat like the sofa anymore. It’s not so bad at work as my chair is higher- it seems as long as my knees are lower than my hips I can sit happily for a while.

When princess wakes up and moves around I can feel her head banging against my front pelvic bone- it’s a random sensation! Add to that that at the same time I can feel her legs and feet getting stuck in my rib cage and her arms in the sides of my pelvis, sometimes its rather like she’s trying to play my skeleton like a musical instrument!! The perils of being short? Baby getting stuck in your pelvis and ribs simultaneously!

In other princess news, I’ve started to notice just HOW MUCH this baby has hiccups! From weeks 30 to 32, I would notice she had hiccups at least once a day, usually in the evening, lasting about 5 minutes. This week has seen it increase to about 3 times a day, around lunch time, early evening and late evening, lasting about 5-10 minutes at a time. Bizarre! I wonder if this will have any link to how she is once she’s here? Maybe she’ll be a really hiccupy baby on the outside too??!

She also has a pattern of when she stretches. I get this lump sticking out of me, slightly over to the right of my stomach about 3-4 times a day, usually after eating and in the evening- this is most definitely her bum! It’s crazy and normally accompanied by a smaller bulge sticking out of my left side just under my rib cage- this would be a foot! I amuse myself by brushing the foot bulge when it sticks out and she pushes back against me like I’m tickling her!

According to my pregnancy app, she should be slowing down in her movements, if anything she’s as active as ever during the day! And if I wake up in the night to roll over or if one of my cats has jumped on me, pretty soon she’s moving again. This is definitely an active baby… again I wonder if this is a window to how she will be once she’s here!

This week I had my 34 week midwife appointment (even though I was more like 33+3 at the time) my midwife was on holiday, hence the slightly earlier appointment, so I had a cover midwife instead who, if I’m completely honest, I preferred to my normal midwife! She was friendly, understanding, empathetic- she answered every question brilliantly and never brushed us off with a small answer.

She made sure I was doing ok, talked at length about Harry and put my mind at ease over any fears I had. On the other hand, my normal midwife- who I know means well but is awfully scatty and not very personable- seems to forget every time I see her that I had Harry. Annoying, as its all detailed in my patient notes on the screen in front of her!

Every time we see her she does the same thing, she opens my hand held green notes, flicks through, stops at the notes section and says “Oh, you’ve got a lot of notes in here… why’s that? Why are you seeing so many people?! Why are your under consultant care?!” and then me and Mr. W have to explain what happened before, to which she responds with, “Oh yes! I’m so sorry, I should have checked your computer notes before you came in! I’m so very sorry for your loss”… like I said, annoying, and it bugs the hell out of Andy.

But back to the midwife appointment! I had a swab taken from my nose and the back of my throat- not very nice- to send off to check to see if I’m a carrier for MRSA. I also had my blood taken to be tested for the routine stuff and midwife checked out baby’s position- who is apparently 4/5’s engaged! (I knew I had felt her drop!) all seems well and I should get the results back soon!

In other news, the cot is up! The room is so close to being complete its unreal! I just need to get my step dad to come round and put up some shelves and add in a few other decorative bits like a chair, pictures etc and it will be complete! I couldn’t be happier with how its taking shape! Soon it will be a proper little princess room ❤


Highlight of the week? The cot is up!!

Low of the week? Coming to terms with the fact that my new best friend appears to be the toilet!


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  1. Great post thanks. The nursery is subtly fab and girly! Love it! Your bump has changed shape but still bumpy! I love the stories of your baby pushing her bottom out and hiccuping. I can’t wait for this. I already have constant trips to toilet with little to show for it when I do go! Not long now!

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