Week 34: Grumpy, Tired and Unproductive!


“Your baby weighs approximately 5 pounds 2 and is about 46cm long. Your baby will start with a period of rapid weight gain this week. From now until birth your baby will gain approximately one third of a pound per week. A lot of this weight is the all important brown fat to keep your little one warm for the first few weeks after birth. This brown fat is different from the white fat we women know well. Brown fat contains more cells that produce body heat and this is turn prevents hypothermia. This brown fat appears on her upper back, spine and shoulders.

Your body is getting ready to give birth and your cervix may have begun to dilate. The bloody show is the blood tinged mucus that may appear in your underwear and is a sign that your cervix is getting prepared for labour by dilating, thinning or moving forward. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you are about to go into labour but it’s better to be prepared. You’ll be feeling a sensation of kicking in your ribs if your baby is lying head down in your uterus.”– My Pregnancy App, Health & Parenting Ltd.

This week has not really been my friend! I’ve been so unproductive it’s unreal. I just can’t be arsed to do anything which is really unlike me and it clashes with my personality, I’m the sort of person who wants everything done yesterday. I don’t like hanging around. I don’t see the point of waiting. I don’t like waiting on others to do something. If I want it done, then I want it down now and I want it done right and usually that means doing it myself- which I’m fine with. Obviously at the moment this is proving a problem. I can’t do everything I used to.

I can’t do a nice long big deep clean of the flat because I’m in agony after running around for more than 2 hours. I grit my teeth and bare it and I only end up hurting myself in the long run, when I’m in agony for days after! I obviously struggle to lift things which means I can’t get into the cupboard under the stairs to sort it. I can’t climb on the work tops, up ladders or stand on chairs. It’s dangerous and I’m fragile (apparently) which means I can’t hang up curtains, clean the tops of the cupboards, re-arrange the cupboards etc like I would have before.

Guess what? I hate it. I’m not used to relying on other people to do my shit for me and not being funny but usually they don’t do it right anyway! So at the moment I’m struggling to cope with this useless little woman I seem to have become, thank god I don’t have long left!

My next problem is that I just DON’T have any energy! I don’t have any get up and go, I would quite happily spend the whole weekend in bed reading, watching tele and dozing off at random intervals. This is actually how I spent last Monday to be honest! The problem is, like I said, this clashes with my personality and I end up really annoyed of with myself for wasting a day when I could have been finishing chores and little projects round the flat! Happily, the reason for this lack-of-get-up-and-go was discovered when my blood test results from last week came back saying my iron levels are now so low I really should be prescribed tablets…

My doctor rang me at the start of the week to tell me about the results and question if I was feeling ok; with iron levels as low as mine he would have expected me to be absolutely exhausted and sleeping most of time. I shyly admitted I have been spending my weekends lying in and sleeping for around 12-16 hours a night… I just thought that tired was a “pregnancy thing”. Well now I feel like an idiot as apparently it’s not a normal “pregnancy thing” to have a 16 hour sleep marathon, who’d have thunk it??! :O

So after that embarrassing episode, I collected my iron tablets and I can report I’m feeling better as the week goes on, long may it continue! I still have things on my list I need to do before she comes and my due date is looming ever nearer!!

In other sad news I found out this week that my granddad sadly passed away. He had been unwell in hospital for a while now but one minute was making a recovery and the next going back down hill. I believe he fell ill after they moved him to the rehabilitation part of the hospital which is sad. At least we know he’s no longer in any pain.

This week was a little milestone for me; I stopped taking Cycolgest on the first day of week 34 and I have to say it’s really odd to stop something that you’ve been doing every night for the past 26 weeks! Even now, a week on, when I go to sleep I have the horrible feeling I’ve missed something! I never missed one dose of Cyclogest either- unusual for me- I’m pretty forgetful! Maybe because I knew how important it was to take it it was forever ingrained in my mind? Anyway, that’s good news. It means that I’ve got a point where they wouldn’t be overly concerned if I went into labour now, which is nice.

I’m definitely starting to get fed up this week. I’m sick of people touching me. I’m sick of people pointing me out and gawking at me like I’m some sort of circus freak. It’s all getting a little tired if I’m honest. I hate people touching the bump and some people, no matter what I do, continue to touch the bump… I literally think it’s the rudest thing in the world. Why do these people think they have to right to touch me?! They don’t even ask first! What is their problem??!! I don’t mind Mr. W touching the bump, I don’t mind my mum touching the bump, I don’t mind my girlfriends touching the bump. Outside of that SMALL circle, if you touch my bump, just know, I want to kill you…

I can’t wait for this to be over now if I’m honest! Although weirdly, I still don’t actually SEE myself with a baby at the end of this. All I see is pregnancy, never ending pregnancy, and it’s probably because getting to 6 months with Harry and then practically falling again straightaway with princess, I haven’t not been pregnant for… 17 months… 17 months (excluding a month in the middle) 17 bloody months and I still have one more to go. Give me strength!

I still have to put up with the “Labour horror stories” despite wasting my breath telling the same people over and over that I have actually given birth before. I gave birth to Harry. He didn’t just appear out of thin air!! I had a 21 hour labour and gave birth to him. He may not have been full term but he was a baby. This, it seems, is irrelevant as I’m treated to these tales of labour woes at every opportunity from certain people. “Contractions feel like this…” “This will happen” “You’ll need an epidural” “Cut your nails cus you’ll be scratching Andy” UGH.

The upside of it all is that she will be here soon. As I write this post I’m 35 weeks pregnant which means I only have 5 weeks to go- just under 7 in the worst case scenario- I have to focus on that; whether I actually SEE myself with a baby or not at this moment, it WILL be over in under 7 weeks time. I can hold on for that little bit longer.

Highlight of the week? I did buy some super cute pink uggs and headbands for princess which made me smile…

Low of the week? This was just a shitty ass week all round really! Next week will be better!


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  1. Great post and v real! Five weeks really isn’t long. I’m twelve weeks which feels too long! You poor thing with low iron. That’s why you are feeling so lethargic. I feel so sad when I read about how you lost your baby. Long labour. It must have been traumatic and still is. Keep going. Good things are coming to you soon!

    • Thank you! Well I’m slightly behind with my posting, I’m actually 37 weeks today so really only 3 weeks until I’m due now! Crazy! Time is flying, hope it does for you too!
      Thank you, it was tough and like you said still is. I miss him very much, but very excited to meet this one! 🙂 hopefully this time, fate will be kind and my labour will be quick and uneventful! 🙂

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