Week 35: Getting There…


“Your baby weighs around 5.7 pounds. The protective fat layer will make up about 15 percent of her weight at birth. Your baby is probably sleeping about 90% of the time. There isn’t much room to move around anymore, although you will still be feeling regular movements. If you notice a dramatic increase or decrease in movement compared to your baby’s normal daily activity, call your doctor immediately.

If your baby has dropped you’ll be breathing easier now and experiencing less indigestion and heartburn. This is a sign that your little one has descended into your pelvis. Women often experience a nesting stage as delivery approaches. This sudden burst of energy may lead you to do your spring cleaning early, but save some of that extra energy for labour. You’ve probably gained about 25-30 pounds by now, but rest assured, much of this will be lost in one day. The rest will also come off fairly easily and even quicker if you breast feed.” -My Pregnancy App, Health & Parenting Ltd.

This week has been a little more positive than last week. Although I spent much of Wednesday night and Thursday night crying and having strange panic attacks I was lucky enough to have Andy there to support me as always, my rock πŸ™‚ No matter how far past the point I had Harry I get, it doesn’t change anything, it never stops me worrying.

I know from so many sad tales in my support groups that life isn’t that simple. I’m sure I will feel different once I have had her and take her home, but until then I can’t shake the overwhelming feeling that someone will take her away from me. This pregnancy has really tested my strengths.

So towards the end of the week, the distraction techniques were back in full swing! And I’ve had a productive week/weekend to make up for last weeks awful slump!

Princesses room is basically almost complete! The cot is up, shelves are up, wardrobe fully stocked, changing unit fully stocked and my mum has up cycled a lovely wicker chair for us which fits in perfectly with the decorations.

The pictures are up and all others little decorative bits are out; the only bits remaining to sort are a socket which needs a new cover and the ceiling light needs a new plastic bit fitted to it (can you tell I have more to do with the decorative aspects of the nursery as oppose to the maintenance side of things?!) but hopefully, (hopefully!!) I should still make my deadline for it to be complete by Friday 30th May.

In other good news, the pram is here! Yay! Me and mum spent about 45mins (no exaggeration!) trying to figure out the instructions before giving up and managing to work out how to put it in all it’s various positions by ourselves in about 5 minutes! Silver cross instructions- you are crap! Haha.

Happily the pram is brilliant and should last her until she’s old enough not to need one anymore. We chose a silver cross 3D and I’m so glad we did! It’s great; easy to change positions, easy to put up and down. It can go in a lie down pram position, upright pushchair position and it has a car seat that clips on to the pram for ease when your out and about shopping etc.

It also came with a load of extras, like a hood, foot cover, rain cover and thermal changing bag. I love it! I’ve had a good practice putting it in all the various positions.

Symptom wise, baby is still hiccuping multiple times a day, my PGP is still hurting, I’ve started getting period pains every evening and I’m still not rushing to the toilet during the night but certainly making up for it during the day!

Highlight of the week? Things are all coming together, pram and room included in that!
Low of the week? Panic attacks 😦



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