The First “Harry’s Day”


The 16th July 2014 was the first anniversary of my Angel baby Harry’s birth and passing.

The first anniversary was always going to be hard and I was anticipating a tough day.

We started with a trip up to Beacon Hill- a local beauty spot- where we scattered Harry’s ashes.

I’m sure you would agree, we could hardly have picked a more stunningly beautiful spot for our boy…


photo 5-1

I havent managed to get up there since the day we spread his ashes, what with being pregnant with Connie and the hill being a rather steep climb. It was calm and tranquil and I felt completely at peace.

Throughout the day, I asked my friends via social media to upload pictures of anything beautiful with the hashtag #HarrysDay in tribute to him.

I wasn’t expecting much, maybe 5 or 6.

We had over 70 pictures.

I was completely overwhelmed! It’s truly heartwarming to know how many people care and it was lovely to see all of that beauty dedicated to him…

photo 1-1


photo 4-1photo 3photo 2-1


I was touched by the volume of messages of condolence we received from friends and family, it was incredible to see the number of people who care. One of my friends even wrote me a poem from her to H:

“Harry, even though we never met you still lay deep within my heart,

to express my sadness, I wouldn’t know where to start.

The many times I’ve shed my tears in memory of your soul,

was only in which heaven prematurely stole.

With your wings, fly high above the rest,

just so you know, your parents are the best!

Still today this is not goodbye,

for every time we want to see you, we know you’re in the sky.”

We finished the day by letting off some Chinese Lanterns which I personalised with a some words…



“Death leaves a heartache difficult to heal,

Love leaves sweet memories no one can steal.”

“An angel in the book of life wrote down my baby’s birth,

then whispered as she closed the book too beautiful for earth.”

“Gone yet not forgotten,

although we are apart,

your spirit lives within me,

forever in my heart.”

❀ ❀ ❀

As far as firsts go, it went well. I knew it wasnt going to be easy, but instead of spending the day low we were quite positive- celebrating the memories we have of him and putting aside the pain.

I wanted to do something positive in his memory and I think that’s what I accomplished with the help of my very loving and supportive friends and family.


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