A Poem for my Daughter

A Poem for my Daughter

My Connie Rose πŸ’•πŸŒΉ

“Darling daughter truly,
You mean so very much to me.
There’s no going back,
Loves full on attack.
Your first breath made it start,
A love rooted deep within my heart.”

“The first time I saw you,
You blew me away.
A bond forever unbroken,
is what they will say.
That mother daughter love,
Surely was gifted from above.”

“My heart so swollen,
All my love you have stolen.
Your gift to me, is simply to be.
I never thought it possible,
To have a life so wonderfully full.”

“Your smile alone lights up my world,
Our whole future laid out in front of us,
Like a map waiting to be unfurled.
What wonderful adventures we all shall cherish,
Memories so lovely none will perish.”

“A Mother Father Daughter Joy,
A family full of a love,
No one could destroy.
Your beauty and grace has mended my soul,
A life filled with laughter,
My eternal goal.”

“Now sweet girl remember this,
You stole my heart with that first kiss.
You leave me floating light as a feather,
For I will love you, now until forever.”

For Connie, love Mummy.
Abi Woodhouse.


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