Developmental Milestones; 8 Weeks


Connie is now making more defined “batting” motions to her dangly toys. If you compare the video below to the 5 week one you can see a marked difference in mobility- her movements are a lot smoother and faster.

This week has also seen another development in her sleeping- she now goes 10 hours during the night which is brilliant! She is also starting to support her own weight on her legs when we hold her up right. She pushes off from the bottom of the moses basket propelling herself up the other end!!


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    • She was combi feeding at 8 weeks with the formula before bed so I think that helped push her through! But she was going 6 hours at 4 weeks and 7 at 5 weeks while still ebf which was heaven! πŸ™‚

      • Well this was something that we questioned. All our parents seemed to think you should never wake a sleeping baby but the midwifes told us when we took Connie home that she needed to be be woken for a feed at least every 4 hours for the first 2 weeks as they can get dehydrated.
        In the end we made sure she had a feed at least every 4 hours for the first 2 weeks by waking her up (majority of the time she was awake for a feed anyway) then after 2 weeks we started implementing a routine where we would wake her at certain times during the day for feeds (sometimes she’d be so out cold we would have to change her nappy and strip her off to wake her) then we started feeding her on demand through the night and not changing her nappy (unless it was a pooey one!) in between 11pm-7am so she would hopefully learn that was night time? Sounds bizarre but something must have worked as she was soon doing her longest stretch between 10.30-4.30 then 5.30 then 6.30 etc.
        The HV explained that if she was getting the required food through the day she would stay fuller for longer through the night though it is so hard to monitor what they’re getting on breast and I was rubbish at expressing!
        We still wake her now for feeds to fit the schedule and she’s as happy as Larry so it can’t be upsetting her! πŸ™‚

      • Thanks for all that info. It all makes sense! She likes her sleeping time! How are you functioning with break in your own sleep cycle?

      • Not too bad thank you! My mum or Andy used to take Connie out for a walk at the start and I would grab an hours power nap which was nice. I didn’t sleep more than an hour the first two nights in hospital because I was so on edge and full of adrenaline! As soon as we got home some friends popped over, I had a cup of tea and crashed out for 3 hours! But since she started going longer stretches it’s been great πŸ™‚

      • Ps. The 2/3am feed is the WORST! I was so happy when she dropped it! So much worse than 4/5am, no idea why it just destroyed me! Andy used to do that one when he was off work for me.

      • Probably cos 2 am is when you’re In deep sleep..I have woken every night at 430 am since I got pregnant so waking at 2 will kill me..its all short term and it must be amazing to wake up and look at her!

      • Oh yes! Even though sometimes I felt broken it was worth it to see her little face and know she needed me πŸ™‚ she had a really bruised back of head when she was born, as she was delivered with ventouse, so spent the first few nights on my chest as she cried when she led down on her back. I think that really helped us bond as Andy commented the other day the only person she settles with is me now. She’ll go to sleep eventually if my mum or Andy put her down but she’ll cry and struggle for a while whereas with me she just drifts off after a cuddle. So all the hard work was worth it in the end now we have a really strong bond πŸ™‚ it’s a wonderful feeling!

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