12 weeks old…


Yesterday Connie turned 12 weeks old.

If I had one wish, it would be to freeze time right here, right now.

Connie is a joy. She smiles constantly; her little eyes light up and the power of her smile can melt any man, woman or beast in an instant.

I don’t want this moment to end. Ever…


…With each day that passes, I have a continuous overwhelming sense of contentment, happiness and, above all else, LOVE…


…I never knew how rewarding motherhood would be. I never knew how happy being a mum would make me…


…Connie is such a force of nature. I can’t imagine her not being here… No, seriously, it’s like she’s ALWAYS been here…


… Just that she was out of my sight for a while. Someone had borrowed her from me but she was always in the back of my mind…


…I was not prepared for how complete I would feel with her in my life. πŸ’–


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