Carly Marie, Capture Your Grief; Days 6 to 10:


Day 6 Books

I cannot pin down a favourite book or a particular book that has helped me. I am a massive reader! I love nothing more than getting lost in a good book. There are many many books that have helped me through my grief- not necessarily grief related books- just books!

My favourite genres are probably fantasy/fiction followed by history based books; author wise I love George RR Martin, J K Rowling, Phillipa Gregory & Suzanne Collins.


Day 7 Sacred Place

This is Harry’s place. A local beauty spot where we spread his ashes. It’s truly beautiful here and I feel very much at peace gazing out across the stunning landscape and breathing in the fresh clean air.


Day 8 Resource

I’ve found many great resources since losing Harry but the PAIL and Rainbow groups on Babycentre website have been such a fab resource. Just speaking to people who have been through the same as you and know how your feeling is such a brilliant help.


Day 9 In Memory

This year was the first anniversary of the loss of Harry. To mark the occasion, I asked friends and family to upload pictures of beautiful things to social media sites and to hashtag #HarrysDay. The response was overwhelming and I had over 70 pictures dedicated to Harry.


Day 10 Support

My loving friends and family are the biggest support I could have asked for. I 100% can say that I would not be where I am now if not for them. ❀



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