An Unwelcome Visitor…


I love having baths with my daughter. It’s not something I do all the time but I try to make sure we have a little mummy-daughter time every 2 weeks or so.

It’s lovely, seriously; if you’ve never had a big warm bubble bath with your baby do it! It promotes bonding with the skin to skin contact which is fab for newborns. It’s fun for older baby’s too, as it makes a nice change for them to have a companion to play with in the bath when they’re old enough to splash and play with toys.

Our latest bath, however, proved a little different from the norm. After a good 20 mins of splashing, giggling, playing with rubber duckies and soapy cuddles, I noticed something foreign, if you will, floating from the corner of my eye…

At first glance I thought, with a jolt of horror, a slug had found it’s way into our beautiful bath. Cogs turning in my head trying to work out how on earth a slug had managed to get in the bath; I leaned in for a closer inspection and discovered it was not indeed a slug, but a slug shaped, slightly green, very solid and very real baby poo.


Bubble Bath sans poop, unlike my own

As gross as this discovery was I had to laugh. The lamb has never pooed in the bath before and Sod’s law, the first time had to be with me in the bath!

Luckily, we keep a small plastic container, quite like a little ramekin, on the side of the bath to wash the lambs hair with so I scooped the poop out in the cup and reflected it could be worse- it could have been runny and she could have ate it- that would have been bad. Still, I’m hoping our next bath together will be back to the traditional sans poo baths we enjoy.

I called for the hubby:
“Come here!”
“What’s up?”
“Have a look in here!”
*holds out ramekin cup*
*recoils in horror*
“Oh relax, it’s just a baby poo! You clean her bum all the time!”
“We’ll have to wash out that cup…”

Indeed we will…


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