Christmas, Cats & A Cold…


So I’m ill. Yay. I’ve only myself to blame. This is the first year for 2 years I haven’t got the flu jab and it’s the first time in almost 2 and a 1/2 years that I’ve got a pissing cold.

I hate colds.

There’s nothing worse than a raging headache, dry mouth and a bunged up nose… Oh wait there is actually, losing your sense of taste, having a sore throat and aching all over.

And of course, through all of this, I have The Lamb to look after, all the while praying that she doesn’t catch the wretched cold and curse me with an ill child all over the festive season and coincidently over the first time I attempt to cook a Christmas dinner. It’s bound to happen, I’m just biding my time until I hear the inevitable first sniff…

To make matters slightly more difficult, my cats have a tendency to get overly affectionate when I’m sick. Cute as it sounds, it’s actually super annoying to have a 10 pound cat sprawl on you every time you plonk your arse down for a second, especially as I mean a second quite literally before I have to get up and tend to some baby related issue.

The Lamb is mobile. Not in the sense that she’s crawling yet though. She mastered 2 shuffles forward about a month ago, before sticking her arse in the air, rolling over and giving up and she hasn’t advanced on that yet. Nevertheless, she’s fairly apt at rolling and spinning round and can get practically anywhere in next to no time. Hence the addition of a stair gate now blocking off the kitchen and the inability of the cat to be able to enjoy more than a 4 minute lap cuddle with me…


The Lamb feeling festive!


She can also sit unaided for a while, however, she doesn’t really enjoy it and after a short while will (literally) launch herself backwards or forwards so she’s lead on the floor. Of course this means a fair few head bumps, startled cries (of shock more than pain) and scared cats running about.

The cats also have predisposition to follow me everywhere at the moment, including to the bathroom, so many a time I’m finding myself tripping over the beasts, twisting my ankles and stubbing my toes in my haste not to step on them. My feet have never been so battered, my ankles never so weak.

I’m supposed to be dieting but I’ve taken the “feed a cold” quote quite literally to heart and am eating all I can. I’ve kinda decided I might as well just give up until New Years now. It doesn’t help that I’ve recently started stocking up for Xmas and the cupboards are rammed with treats either.

Speaking of food, The Lamb is coming along leaps and bounds and is now happily tucking into two meals a day. Her current favourite is yoghurt. She spends the whole time eating them making “mmmm” noises and smiling in between mouthfuls.

Despite the cold (and the fear of The Lamb catching the cold) I’m quite looking forward to Christmas. The decorations are up, presents have been purchased and wrapped and I’m feeling ready to go… Kinda.

There have been a few confusions and surprises on my first family Christmas, however…

1. How bloody expensive are crackers?! Β£12 for 4?! What have they got in them? Money?

2. Where in the hell do you find linen napkins? Everyone but me seems to have them for special occasions. I could swear I’ve been to over 10 stores on a never ending quest to find the luxury napkin and it still eludes me.

3. Is there such things as a tiny baby cracker? With a tiny baby christmas cracker hat?! If so, where are they?

4. What do you put in a 6 months olds stocking?!

5. Why do people eat at a really strange time on Xmas day? Why is 3pm dinner time on that one day?

Despite my many questions I’m still feeling festive and looking forward to our first Christmas as a little family!

Now if I could just shift this cold and get these cats to stop tripping me up, all will be well…


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