Hello 2015! Goodbye Simple Times!


So The Lamb gave us a Christmas present on her first Christmas! She started crawling! As pleased as we are I can’t help thinking the easy life is over… Now I will need eyes in my arse, especially as Connie has demonstrated an extreme liking for chewing wires! Joy!

Our first family Christmas was a success by all accounts. Plenty of time spent with family and friends and I didn’t kill anyone with my food which is always a bonus πŸ™‚ it went too quick though, as always, when you’re having fun and now all of a sudden we’re in 2015!


So it’s that time of year again when we all get positive, make life affirming statements and make promises that we know, deep down, we can’t keep.
So, never one to dip out, I am (of course) jumping on the band wagon!

After reviewing last years list of 10 resolutions, I’m pleased to see I’ve managed to keep to at least 6- more than I’ve ever achieved before. Baring that in mind I’m game for another go!

Here goes…
1. Take a picture everyday for a year- I’ve been doing this religiously for the last 6 months so I’m confident 2015 will be the year this one gets checked!
2. Stop pulling my hair out- might as well stick this on again!
3. Do some fun mother/daughter activities!
4. Cross at least 2 things off my bucket list- this should definitely be doable!
5. “Secret resolution that I might let you all in on soon” πŸ˜‰
6. Lose some God damn weight!

And that’s my lot! And yes, I am fully aware that 1st Jan has long passed but I never actually start any of my resolutions until I’m back at work and the festivities are well and truly past. Obviously, if I wait until I go back to work we’ll be waiting quite a while, however, so I have decided to start when Andy goes back to work, at least then I’m in some sense of a routine.

Continuing in the spirit of positivity I’m also embarking on a 31 day “Beat The Blues” challenge. Created by happiness experts Andy Cope & Andy Whittaker, the idea is to do something positive every day for 31 days. A very close friend of mine actually attended one of their workshops and was very complimentary about it, so I thought why not give it a try?!

If you want to check it out; click here.

I’ve already starting acting on resolution number 3 and have booked me and The Lamb in for Sing and Sign classes and Buggyfit classes. Watch this space for updates on how they go!

So, now we’ve got all the positive bullcrap out the way it’s back to reality with a bang as I step on the scales- Shit me… But we did have 12 cheeses… And they were good so it couldn’t have been helped! Let’s hope between my renewed gym membership and buggyfit classes I’ll be able to shift a few pounds!


Hope you all had fabulous Christmases and New Years!


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