100 Happy Days- Day 7:


Mum & Me… Not So Much!

Today me and The Lamb had our first Mum & Me class! We got the gym with plenty of time, went to the studio and… No one was there! No one came!

Turns out there was some confusion and the gym told the instructor the space was needed for a First Aid class and that unfortunately her class would be cancelled… Then they changed their minds and put the class on but forgot to tell the instructor :-/

So that didn’t happen! But instead the very nice ladies at the creche offered to take Connie for a free settling in session while I went to the gym instead.

The Lamb had a great time and the nursery nurses said she was lovely and asked to keep her ❀ As the first session went well I've said I'll be back for another one next week, possibly Wednesday. I'm hoping it will help her get used to being with other people without me, so that when I return to work and she does a morning a week at nursery, she won't be too freaked out!


This afternoon The Lamb has been slightly out of sorts. I’m not sure if it’s all linked to her teeth or whether she has a little cold coming through. I’m slightly leaning towards the possibility of a cold as she’s been quite stuffy since last night and now has a croaky voice.

Fingers crossed she’s not too poorly!

In other news snow, YES SNOW, has been forecast in our area. I LOVE SNOW and I’ll be loving it even more this year as I don’t have the frustration of driving to work! πŸ™‚ I would love to take The Lamb out for a nice snowy walk in the pram but I suppose that depends on how this cold turns out!


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