100 Happy Days- Day 9:



I dressed Lamb in one of her new outfits today and she was all pretty and perfect ready for sing and sign ❀
Baby pink tights with tiny cream hearts, a pink vest top and brown dress…



… Until the poo explosion. Yes that’s right, POO EXPLOSION! Yuck! Although confusing. She managed to get it all over her vest, all over her dress but it bypassed the tights… Curious…

But she remained perfect for sing and sign which was the main thing I suppose!

The Lamb isn’t as croaky today but still seems a bit out of sorts. She enjoyed the majority of sing and sign but had a clingy moment half way through for cuddles!

We then stopped in and saw Great Grandma for a cuddle and a bottle. Later on, Lamb spent some time with Daddy and her Nan while I went for a catch up with work.

We now have a few more signs in the bag from sing and sign. I can remember the signs fairly well I just can’t seem to remember to do them at home. By the time I realised I should have signed “eat” she’s finished her dinner… Oh well, at least it gets us out!

And if I ever meet a deaf person I can say: eat, drink, more, yoghurt, pig, cow, cat, horse, duck, all gone, no, love, cuddles, cold, milk, sad, crying, happy and angry…

Not too bad for a second session!


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