100 Happy Days- Day 12:


Family Fun!

Today we went to Eddie Catz our local soft toy play centre.

They charge £1 per adult and under 1’s are free! Children under 90cms are £3.75 and children under 1.55m are £5.75.

You can stay for as long as you want but busy peak times (like term ends and particularly busy weekends) are limited to 2 hours (to be honest if you can manage more than 2 hours you are a hero!)


Me and my mum took my niece, nephew and The Lamb. They all had a wonderful time! The Lamb enjoyed watching my nephew jump around and had a great time in the under 1 section!

My niece and nephew loved climbing around, playing football and trying out the huge slides; even mother had a go!

Later in the afternoon, I had a a catch up with my sister in law and brother which was nice 🙂 I also saw one of my besties!

I spent the evening chilling out and watching a film whilst The Lamb had a big nap- she was exhausted from her day!

In other news, there’s definitely a pattern emerging between me and itchy contact lenses. I put one in this morning and an hour later my eye was blurry and itchy so I went to change the lens; I spent almost 5 minutes clawing at the surface of my eyeball before realising it wasn’t there and I was I fact trying to pry the surface of my eyeball from my eye… Nice.

So I may have a rouge lens floating around my eye area somewhere!



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