100 Happy Days- Day 14:



Lenny is Connie’s new bestie. This is news, it used to be Rita.

Lovely loyal Rita, who would sit under Connie’s Moses basket or on the arm of the chair next to her, watching her sleep. Rita who would sit outside Connie’s bedroom. Rita who would swipe at Lenny if she came anywhere close to baby Connie.

Rita outside Connie’s bedroom

But it would seem Rita has no love for a loud and mobile Connie, no no! She has taken a sabbatical from childcare, it would seem, and Lenny has gladly taken up pole position as guardian cat.

Lenny loves to be rough handled. She purrs when Connie grabs her tail and closes her eyes in bliss when The Lamb closes her chubby little fists around a hunk of hair and pulls determinedly at it (yes I know very weird!) and runs around my feet chirping like a worried hen when Connie so much as makes a single noise of displeasure!

Rita & Connie

In fact, when Connie had a strange nightmare and started sleep crying a few nights ago, Lenny was the first in the nursery, stood on two back legs at the end of the cot meowing insistently and looking at me like I was a piece of shit for allowing this nightmare to happen.

It is rather cute though πŸ™‚



(The Lamb and Len)



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