100 Happy Days- Day 19:


Clinging on to Babyhood!

One of my New Years resolutions last year (2014) was to clear my home of any junk and slowly, throughout the year, I have decluttered and cleared out and rearranged and donated to charity and binned so much unnecessary crap, and every time I’ve cleared another draw or cupboard I’ve felt a huge sense of relief.

This year I’ve started all over again! You have no idea how much useless junk you can store up over a year and no idea how good it feels to be clear of it! I feel so happy knowing there aren’t tons of rubbish collecting dust in my cupboards and under my bed.

So far in the last few days, I’ve cleaned out my car and sorted out our paperwork again. By the time spring rolls round my goal is to have cleared out the linen cupboard, cupboard under the stairs, the shoe cupboard, our wardrobe and chest of drawers, bedside cabinets and under the bed, all of Connie’s clothes that are too small, the side board and the tv cabinet.

My theory is if you haven’t used/touched/worn an item in 6 months you don’t need it. I would encourage anyone to do the same. Hoarding is bad for your health people! A cluttered home is a cluttered mind and not a peaceful one!

Playing with Len, again!

Today we had a nice day at home; I went to the gym in the evening and during the day in between feeds, clothes changes and tidying we even found time for a sleepy cuddle ☺️

I know I probably should have knocked all these on the head by now. I know at almost 8 months old, The Lamb should be having all her naps, where possible, in her cot and if not in her cot, in her pram or the car and not lead across me! But I can’t help it!

I love cuddling her while she naps and she always settles happily when she’s being cuddled by me. We don’t do it every nap or even every day and she always settles at night so, personally, I don’t see it as a problem and have no plans on stopping indulging in our occasional sleepy cuddles ☺️ but as The Lamb gets older, every time I can’t help wonder if it might be our last sleepy cuddle!

She doesn’t really like lying down for a bottle anymore. She’s crawling everywhere. She won’t keep still to be changed and she spends most of her day time chattering and signing. All of this I love but it definitely serves as a reminder that my baby isn’t a newborn anymore; she’s racing towards being a toddler at a crazy speed! So if there’s one part of her “babyhood” that I can cling onto for as long as possible then I will…

Plus who wouldn’t want to spend an hour snuggled up to this…






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