100 Happy Days- Day 20:



This time it’s me, not The Lamb! So my mouth is killing me. I’m feeling sorry for myself. I want to drink wine and eat chocolate, but I can’t, I’m on a diet and am now on antibiotics to boot. Weird antibiotics which I can’t pronounce the name of and apparently will make me violently sick if I drink alcohol on them. Great.

To be honest this is only a benefit as I only need to lose one more pound to be down in the next stone in weight and 2 more pounds to lose before I’m back to pre pregnancy weight- hopefully the alcohol ban will help this!


I have to say the fact I can’t eat seems to be helping too… Hunger pains soon go away when you get a toe-curlingly- horrendous pain when you attempt to open your mouth wider than a center meter to stuff some food in… And then of course there’s the stomach-clenchingly-vomit-enhancing pain that comes from chewing and the out-of-this-world-tear-fallingly-diabolical pain that comes from swallowing…

And for someone who gets trippy off Codeine, let’s just say Tramadol is a wild ride! 😳

I’ll just have to settle for being serenaded back to health by The Lamb…


The Lamb is loving her “singing” at the moment. She loves to “play” the piano and “sing” down the microphone 😁 I’m definitely raising a little girl destined to love being the centre of attention!

Tomorrow is sing and sign again which can only bring more joy into The Lambs world! But for now, it’s 5 to 9 and I’m about to get into bed for, hopefully not another night of waking in agony every 2 hours but, a night of peaceful pain free sleep. 😴😴😴


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