100 Happy Days- Day 21:


Teething: Part 2

I did not end up having the peaceful pain-free nights sleep I had imagined but rather one of waking in a constant state of panic, pain and confusion.

These tablets make me feel like I’m permanently having an out of body experience. It’s very unsettling.

So, of course, we stacked off sing and sign. I can barely open my mouth I think signing is most definitely out of the question!

Still, never one to complain, The Lamb had a good day…


Tomorrow we’re heading to the market. Something The Lamb enjoys most about the market is the multiple faces peering into her pram and telling her how pretty she is.

We’ve been going to the market weekly since she was about 2 weeks old so all the regulars know us and she’s starting to recognise them now too πŸ™‚

This weekend we’re going to practice some more baby suitable recipes. We’re BLW and recently I’ve been trying to adapt our favourite recipes to make sure they’re suitable for Connie, as well as trialling some new ones for her.

The plan is to build up a roster of different breakfasts, lunches and dinners that are easy to make and suitable for the whole family.

We’re starting with breakfasts as so far I’ve found these the most difficult to be “creative” with in BLW. Aside from the bog standard toast and fruit, a lot of people get stuck on BLW breakfast.

Favourite breakfasts so far include my blueberry pancakes and eggy bread πŸ™‚

This weekend I’m going thinking of creating something in the form of a porridge cake with raspberries… Wish me luck!


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