100 Happy Days- Day 24:


Food, Glorious Food!

Today was mostly spent playing, eating and doing a small home photo shoot!

Now The Lamb is on 3 meals a day, we seem to spend a massive portion of the day in the highchair.

Although I enjoy BLW it is messy and time consuming. It would be so much easier to pop Lamb in a chair, spoon fed her from a jar, wipe her face clean and be done with it.

Instead, every meal time takes around 20-30 minutes and includes picking up food that has been dropped on her lap and giving it back to her. Then another 5 minutes spent wiping her face and hands clean. Then another 10 minutes cleaning her highchair and wiping down her tray. Then another 5 minutes hoovering the floor. Then another 5 minutes inevitably changing out of dirty clothes…


… And all of these can happen 3 times a day depending on the meal served.

And we haven’t even started on snacks yet…

Nether the less, The Lamb loves feeding herself and it’s something I won’t be taking away from her. So we will plod on with the cycle of mess and hope that one day she’ll be able to eat a wrap without smearing its contents all over her face, chair, the floor and UNDER her bib. How?!

Here’s a small taster from our latest at-home photo shoot πŸ˜‰ I’m working on something for Valentine’s Day so I’ll post the rest after then 😍


My Little Cupid!


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