Bootea Review: Week 1


Last week, a friend recommended Bootea to me to help lose a few pounds and detox my body. 

Bootea is a herbal tea. You take a “daily detox” every morning and a “bedtime cleanse” every other night. 

She said she had been using it and found it very effective, so, always game for a challenge, I hunted for Bootea online myself.

My first port of call was the official Bootea website. I had a little look around and to tell you the truth I was a bit disarmed about the price- £19.99 for a 14 day detox, £37.99 for a 28 day detox and £29.99 for 14 days worth of shakes… The word pricey springs to mind! I mean, after all, it is just tea… You do get a discount if you subscribe monthly, which I imagine regular customers do.

Bootea say on their website…

“At Bootea, we like to encourage each and every person to feel good about themselves. Todays magazines & media have distorted what beauty is and created an impossible stereotype. We’re all about promoting a healthy body image (and this does not mean super skinny) among people of all shapes, sizes and ages. Our aim is to make a better you, for you. That is all that matters. Join the movement and start feeling Boo-Tea-Ful.”

So, eager to start feeling “Boo-Tea-Ful” I decided to look around, and after a bit of Internet hunting I did find Bootea cheaper at Holland & Barrett. I decided to go with the 28 day detox (for £22.99) as my body tends to take a while to get used to things. 

Bootea advises that you take the detox alongside their healthy eating plan, which is available for free on their website. Essentially it’s a low cal healthy eating plan which eliminates meat- perfect for me as I’m a veggie! Bootea recommends you exclude meat as it contains a lot of the toxins that the tea is trying to irradicate from your body, so eating meat is counter productive. 

I have my own diet plan that I’m currently enjoying, so while I won’t be following the plan exactly, I obviously won’t be eating meat and my meals are similar.

They also advise that you follow their fitness plan which is available to purchase for £2.99 on their website. Personally, I have my own fitness plan that I follow so I didn’t buy this. 

On day 1, I took the daily detox in the morning and the bedtime cleanse in the evening and to be honest, as far as herbal teas go, it wasn’t that awful! In fact, a few days in I started to enjoy my herbal teas! I prefer the bedtime cleanse. It has a slight minty taste and I actually miss it on the days I don’t take it! 

The bedtime cleanse has a mild laxative effect which should take place around 8 hours after taking, so should coincide with you waking up, but we all have different systems and personally I didn’t really feel the effects until 12 or so hours after. 

Bootea advises the first time you try, you do so on a weekend so you stay near the bathroom, but as they point out (and I agree) the effects aren’t that severe. 

So, after the first week, how much weight have I lost and how do I feel?

A week in and I feel great, I’ve lost 3 pounds which is a huge amount for me to lose in a week! I have never lost this much in a week before; I have an under active thyroid so fast weight loss is a constant struggle. I don’t feel as bloated and my skin looks healthier. 

I do have to say I did get a slight cramping feeling the morning after the bedtime cleanse but it quickly disappeared. After talking to others, this seems quite normal.

Another more unpleasant side effect however, is that on and off the last couple of days I’ve had a horrible headache. Bootea advises you drink lots of water and now I know why. The detoxing process can make you dehydrate leading to headaches; it was worse on the days I exercised which makes my dehydration theory more likely. 

This week I am going to make an extra effort to ensure I drink 2-3 litres of water a day everyday in the hope this solves my recurrent headache problem! 

So far week 1 has a thumbs up! Stayed tuned for week 2… 


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