100 Happy Days- Day 31:



Something happened in the last 6 weeks; not just me being too busy to write or craft or draw, it was that almost everything that wasn’t quite right in my life, seemed to click into place…

I finally got my job sorted

This has been a cause of some worry. Whilst we’re comfortable with me off on maternity leave, we do want to save for the future at some point and me contributing to the monthly income will only help in that sense. 

The problem was finding the balance. 

Neither myself or Andy wanted me to go back to work full time or even for 4 days a week (in Andys words- “you might as well be working full time!”) so I applied to reduce my hours at my job. 

My request for 3 days a week was turned down and I was offered 4 days a week- this was a blow, queue me and Andy thinking it was time for me to look elsewhere- then, thankfully, an opportunity arose in another department for a role working 3 days a week- perfect! 

This should, hopefully, suit us all. I’ll still be spending the majority of my time with The Lamb and be bringing some spare dosh in! 


(Why would anyone want to work full time when they have this waiting at home? πŸ˜‰)

We’ve sorted out childcare, that I’m happy with, for when I return to work

Childcare has also worked out fabulously! Whilst full time nursery is an option for some, for us it isn’t. 

We can cover my 3 days a week working by splitting childcare between Andy, my mum and my Aunty. We’re so lucky that my mum and Aunty have the availability to help out here and with Andy working different shifts, we’ve managed to save money spending out on a nursery.


(More Daddy-Daughter time for lots more of this! 😍) 

I’ve found an exercise that I love and that suits me

I have a new found love for running. I’m not great at it but I’m only a beginner! I’ve always found contentment and calmness from deep, slow breathing and of course measured breathing helps when running.

… And I’ve realised what it is, the reason why for me it’s “clicked into place”, it’s because I’ve found a balance and hopefully the right one for me.

I think I’ve got the work/life balance sussed for when I’m back at work.

I think I’ve got a good balance in plan for Connies childcare; a good mixture of mummy time, daddy time and time with experienced child carers. 

I’ve found an exercise that doesn’t consume hideous amounts of time, that I can do at any place, at any time of day which still gives me a bloody good workout and something to improve on. 

The message of the day- POSITIVITY. 


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