Messy Play


Today we went to messy play at our local children’s centre. 

They lay out lots of different “messy” things for the children to play with and lots of sensory bits for the smaller ones, today’s offerings; painting, drawing, chalk boards, an area for making Easter cards, a craft area to make Easter baskets, a table with all the ingredients to make cornflake cakes, a large pit full of flour and shaving foam, a tray full of coffee granules and some cotton wool balls.

I stripped off The Lambs clothing and she set off to explore! First area to check out- the shaving foam pit! She wasn’t to bothered by this to tell you the truth. She tried to eat it, didn’t seem to realise it wasn’t food, and continued to try and eat it. I tried to sit her in it like some of the other babies were doing and she flat out refused to to put her feet in! It seems my child did not want to get messy…

Next, she crawled over to the coffee tray, licked up a handful of coffee granules, gagged and made her way swiftly over the cotton wool balls. It seems coffee is not as tasty as shaving foam… Who’d have thought it?!

The cotton wool balls were not a success either- she picked one up and dropped it like it had given her an electric shock and scooted away with a terrified look on her face.

Next, we headed over the painting area where she was not impressed with my vague attemps to get her to do some foot prints. Instead we settled for a mixture of finger painting, smearing paint all over me and eating the paint. Although eventually, with some help from mummy, she created this masterpiece…


After a quick dunk and wash in the soapy washing up bowl, we bypassed the chalk board (I’m pretty sure she would have chowed down on an entire chalk stick) and went over to the cornflake cake area.

Many a delighted “ooohhhhoooo” followed when she realised she’d finally found something edible and happily munched on some chocolate covered cornflakes while simultaneously smearing chocolate over me and beating me with a metal spoon that, interestingly, became her favourite find of the day.  

Refusing to part with the aforementioned spoon, we avoided the basket making area (scissors! 😳) and made our way to the card area. 

Cardboard, pritt-stick, tissue paper and glitter are all apparently edible and its perfectly understandable for The Lamb to want to eat all these items… 


(On reflection, I probably should have done the chocolate area after the craft area… The chocolate round her face acted as kind of a glue which the glitter then stuck too) 

I had forgotten all about the beauty of glitter, and how even a hideously tiny speck of it will follow you around for a lifetime, but I was soon reminded later that day when I found some in my pants… Yes MY PANTS! How the hell?!… Let’s not go there…

Anyway, thus ended our day at messy play. I prized the spoon away from The Lamb, wiped her over, put her clean clothes on and she looked passable. 

On the other hand, there wasn’t much to be done about me. A quick check over and I was covered in foam, paint, chocolate and glitter. 

I learnt a few things from our first experience at messy play:

The Lamb doesn’t like to get very messy… Yet. But had a lovely time eating everything (edible or not) and watching the other children. We will definitely be going again.

I need a new bra… My comfy casual black go to bra has finally seen its day and, as I discovered to my horror, can no longer be trusted to contain my nipple. 

Thankfully, my top was high neck so the poor children did not have to experience the terror of an escaped nipple bobbing about over their chocolate cornflake cakes. However, when I looked down to check how much chocolate had been smeared on my top it was pretty obvious that my nipple was roaming around free lance under there, and so, every minute from then on was spent checking and repositioning my stupid bra. 

To make matters worse it was just the one boob… Is that better or worse? I think worse?! I imagine from the onlookers perspective it must have looked like I had a really lopsided uneven pair of tits, and I promise you I don’t. They’re actually alright, the only part of my body to escape pregnancy and still be considered ok… I now feel like my tits have been done an injustice to be portrayed in such a way. Anyway, moral of the story? A good supportive bra must be worn to baby classes or failing that a sports bra.

I have also learned to check my face before leaving messy play. It was only upon catching a glance at my reflection in a shop window AFTER going into several shops did I realise I actually had a very noticeable, very large, very purple line of paint down my face. Joy. 

Until next time… ☺️


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