100 Happy Days- Day 35:


Easter Sunday

Well The Lamb has been spoilt for her first Easter! 

A bunny, a dolly, a dinner set, a little pink checkered dress, a cute denim jacket, a converse tracksuit and 5, yes 5! Easter eggs! 

Mmmmm mummy my have to help Lamb with some of those…

We started the morning off with a large croissant (fast becoming a favourite!) that was devoured in no time! 

We then then had a visit from my Dad and sister, which was lovely, had a quick catch up with my auntie, uncle and cousin whilst they dropped off Connies Easter present, and headed over to my mums for lunch!


The Lamb apparently likes Turkey! She chowed down on Turkey, roast potatoes, broccoli, cabbage and (of course) carrots- her favourite vegetable. Being that it was Easter Sunday she made a start on her impressive collection for pudding.

Later that evening, we had playtime with her shape sorters, books and stackers. 



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