100 Happy Days- Day 36:


Easter Monday

ITS SUNNY!!! ☀️☀️☀️

It’s amazing how good a bit of sun can make you feel!! And today many items were ticked off the “To Make Abii Happy” list.

Firstly, The Lamb, because she’s awesome, gave me another lie in until 9am this morning (👍)- TICK!

I then opened the curtains to see bright glorious sunshine (ok glorious might be an exaggeration, were still in England, but in comparison to the last few weeks/months, yes, glorious!)- TICK!

I sorted the housework in record time (no doubt spurned on by my desire to get outside!)- TICK!  

I got to wear my new sunglasses while me and Lamb went for a walk (it’s the little things!)- TICK! 

I put The Lambs new playpen together on my own! (💪)- TICK!

Me and The Mother indulged in a desperadoes in the sunshine whilst The Lamb explored her new playpen (👌)- TICK! 

And when The Hubby came home from work he decided he wanted a takeaway (result!)– TICK!

So my day has been good all round!   


(Exploring the new baby prison!) 


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