100 Happy Days- Day 37:


Out In The Sunshine!

Another beautiful day! Another opportunity to wear my flipflops! 😁

Today we visited my Grandma so I could do her nails before we go on holiday to Pembrokshire next week- super excited! 

The Lamb went for a walk down the town with The Mother and then later on The Mother, The Lamb and I went to our local Discovery Centre for lunch. 

Annoyingly, again, I didn’t take any pictures! I keep forgetting to take pictures! This is very out of character for me!

The Lamb tucked into a hot cross bun while The Mother and I had tuna and cheese toasties!

It was another glorious day and the Discovery Centre was packed full of families. The Lamb had a wonderful time watching all the children playing!

Tomorrow we’re going over to Bucklebury Farm Park, for a walk around to look at all the animals and a picnic in the park as its due to be another nice day! 

Music Rhythum and Rhyme is also scheduled for tomorrow, but we might have to give it a miss if we’re not back in time as its rare that we get a sunny day when Mr W is off too! 


When did my baby get so big?!  


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