100 Happy Days- Day 38:


Day Trip!

Today we went to Bucklebury Farm Park, a favourite of mine from childhood. 

The Park is full of farm animals and has lots of activities for children including big climbing frames, huge trampolines and nature trails as well as Lamb Feeding and Tractor Rides.  

The Lamb is most likely too young to appreciate any of this yet, but with under 2s gaining free entry and the sun shining, we wanted a day out. 

The first stop was the donkeys! A favourite of mine ❀️



Next stop was the lambs 😁 which, incidentally, seemed to be the animals The Lamb was most interested in!





(Poor Belle was heavily pregnant… I remember the feeling well!)




The Lamb really enjoyed seeing all the animals, although she wasn’t old enough to enjoy the Lamb Feeding (tiny teeny baby lambs, only a couple of weeks old! Daddy had to restrain mummy!) Pat-A-Pet or Tractor Ride to The Deer Park, I think she still liked seeing all the different animals on offer! And the park was full of them; chickens, rabbits, cows, deer, horses, ponies, pigs, lambs, donkeys, goats, alpacas… 

Later, after a walk round we picked a shady spot and had a little picnic…


(The Lamb was not impressed with the meagre sized offerings from Daddy…)


(So decided to steal the whole of Daddy’s roll instead!)


Can I take a moment to point out how much I love this outfit? Β£8 from Tu, Sainsburys- bargain! 

So we had a great time for our first family day trip! Can’t wait for the next one! 

Later that evening, still embracing the nice weather, we had a BBQ with friends and The Lamb learnt that cute pigtails come at a price…


Until the next time ☺️



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