100 Happy Days- Day 43:


Fish Stew Delight!

Today we went to Broad haven and spent time on another beach, it was beautiful, despite the slightly cloudy weather. 

Later on, Me and The Husband got a rare treat and were aloud out for dinner alone while The Mother and The Step-Father looked after The Lamb.

We decided to go to St Brides, the pub we’d had lunch at the day before as I had my eye on the fish stew and The Husband had his beady eye on a mixed grill.

So off we went! My starter, stuffed mushrooms, (which was exactly the same order as yesterday’s lunch) left a little to be desired in that the mushrooms weren’t actually stuffed… with anything.


… Meanwhile The Husbands deep fried whitebait was a winner all round ( I definitely stole a few of these delicious little fishes!)


Cheese fix unsatisfied, I eagerly awaited my mains…

Which was absolutely beautiful! If you’re a seafood fan, this one should be top of your list to try! 

The meal came with garlic bread but I asked for plain bread instead and was offered their homemade olive and sundried tomato bread, which complemented the meal perfectly! 

Personally I think it went so much better than garlic bread would, anyway, the stew itself was stuffed with seafood goodies! Prawns, tiger prawns, mussels, haddock, cod etc. It truly was a delight and really made up for the cheese-less mushroom starter! 

Unfortunately, however, The Husbands mixed grill was lacking! There was a noticeable absence of sausage, much to Andys displeasure and the peppercorn sauce was distinctly pepper-less!! 

Meal over, we got some money off the bill and a free glass of wine each to make up for the disappointments then took a stroll down the nearest beach before walking home.

Pembrokeshire really is a beautiful place…



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