A Day In The Life Of A Mum With An 11 Month Old…


Wake up to the sound of a baby babbling away, get up and run to the bathroom as suddenly desperate for wee.

Baby babbles get louder- You must make a bottle.

Trip over the cat who insists on following you everywhere but at the same time manages to get in front of you where ever you’re going.

Walk into the lounge, notice that giant cobweb across the mirror (that was there yesterday and the day before and probably the day before that)- make a mental note to get rid of cobweb today.

Walk into the Kitchen and stick the kettle on to boil. Get a cup out.

Make up the bottle and put it on to cool. Make up cup of tea. Go to baby who is now intermittently babbling and shouting “MAAA!!! MAMAMA!!! MAAAAA!”

Baby is up and bum changed, milk drank and sitting in high chair waiting for breakfast.

(Butter wouldn’t melt!) 

Breakfast flies across room. Pick breakfast up from floor and place back on high chair. Repeat 6 times.

Clean baby. Clean highchair. Hoover crumbs from floor.

Pull clothes on, slap make up on, strap baby in pram. Walk to baby messy play group.

On the way out the front door notice plants need watering, add this to the job list.

Baby eats glitter, foam, paint and covers me with glitter, foam and paint.

Leave messy play, go shopping, go home, put baby down for nap.

Walk past cobweb, make a note to get rid of cobweb… Thinking of cobweb reminds you to water plants- you must do that before baby wakes.

Put on a load of laundry, notice cold undrunk cup of tea from this morning. Tip away and stick kettle on to boil. Make fresh cup of tea.


Make bed.

Put all toys back in toy box, make baby’s lunch, notice the kitchen floor needs bleaching- make a mental note to bleach the floor.

Step on the cat- that damn cat- empty the bin.

Finally sit down with cup of tea, take one sip, hear baby cry.

Go and get baby up, put baby in highchair.

Give baby lunch. Lunch flies across the room. Pick lunch up from floor and place back on high chair. Repeat 6 times.

Clean baby. Wipe highchair. Pick larger crumbs up from floor with hands.

Step on small sharp toy and yell out in pain. Startle baby.

Baby falls over. Baby gets scared. Comfort baby.

Trip over cat whilst holding baby. Curse the cat which causes baby to cry again.

Put a load on to tumble dry. Whilst removing washing from machine remember floor needs bleaching.

Go to toilet, followed by baby and cat. Baby screams when being removed from bathroom.

Baby has pooed. Change bum. Notice we’re using the last nappy bag- make a note to buy more nappy bags.

Walk past cobweb- must dust cobweb.

Baby has found a shoe and is licking shoe. Take shoe from baby. Baby cries. Distract baby with phone. Try to take phone back from baby. Baby screams. Give up, let baby have phone.

Trip over cat- for Gods Sake that bloody cat!!!

(That bloody cat!) 

Baby has pooed again. Change bum. Shit no nappy bags- must buy nappy bags.

Take out tumbledrying, fluff and fold.

Go to wash out and refill sippy cup, turn around and see baby has got hold of all folded laundry and thrown it on floor.

Sit down with baby. Play game with baby. Baby gets grumpy, time for babys next nap.

Start to tidy toys away whilst baby follows behind you laughing and pulling toys all back out.

Baby is asleep- peace.

Use time to eat food undisturbed and finally drink cup of tea.

Sit back on the sofa and have cat sprawl across your lap 2 minutes before baby wakes back up.

Baby is awake and shouting.

Walk into lounge carrying baby and spot cobweb over mirror. Realise with a stab of annoyance that you forgot to get rid of cobweb, water plants and clean kitchen floor.

Put baby in pram and walk to park. Walk past dying plants and resolve to sort them out tomorrow.

Stop at the shop to buy bits for dinner.

Come home and start preparing dinner.

(Loving the swing!) 

Switch rapidly between chopping vegetables and comforting baby who has chosen this time to become extra clingy to you.

Step on cat who has appeared behind you meowing instantly as baby continues to whinge.

Give up and stick on In The Night Garden.

Enjoy 20 minutes of quiet time in which you manage to prepare dinner and get it in the oven.

Husband comes home and points out the giant purple paint mark that’s been down your face all day.

Realise with embarrassment that you’ve been to the park and the shop and have spoken to other people with paint mark down your face.

Give baby dinner. Dinner flies across the room. Pick dinner up from floor and place back on high chair. Repeat 6 times.

Notice carpet now has another stain on it to accompany the other 12 stains from thrown baby food. Resolve to clean carpet throughly.

Don’t bother cleaning baby- it’s bath night. Wipe the tray of highchair. Ignore crumbs on the floor.

Run bath. Bath baby. Get covered in water.

Baby screams when removed from bath.

Wrestle with baby for 10 minutes whilst trying to dry baby, put nappy on baby and onesie on baby.

Give baby bottle.

Try and brush baby’s teeth. Baby grabs toothbrush and starts chewing the wrong end.

Baby rubs toothbrush on cat. Baby cries when you take toothbrush away.

(Toothbrush lover!) 

Baby is asleep.

Clean. Tidy. Clean. Tidy. Clean. Speak to husband.

Give cat a guilty stroke and apologise for standing on it and shouting at it throughout the day.

Sit down and watch 30-60 mins of telly before feeling insanely tired and decide to go to sleep.

Check on baby before turning in and decide you have the most beautiful, awesome, clever baby in the world.

Lay in bed, look at clock. It’s 9.15pm. Marvel at the fact that you used to be able to stay up until 11.30pm without a hint of a yawn.

Just before falling asleep, remember you still need to get rid of cobweb, water flowers, clean kitchen floor, buy nappy bags and clean carpet…


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