Whilst randomly looking through some of my old posts, I found this one that bizarrely never made its way public! It must have got caught between a couple of posts and lost but after I read it, I thought it too cute not to share! 

This was dated back in March when The Lamb was almost 9 months old (she’s now almost 18 months)…

“9 Months Old: The Lamb is, as always, a joy…

The continued happiness and glee that exudes from my baby almost beggars belief. Of course, she has her moments! As she’s getting older and developing a personality, I’m starting to see her character shine through. 

She is a determined, independent, clever, confident, happy little girl… And she has a temper. 

If she doesn’t get her own way (stopping her from licking a phone charger) she’ll show her displeasure. 

If she can’t do something she’s trying to do (pull herself up) she’ll show her frustration. 

If she fails at something through no fault of her own (trying to walk before mastering the skill of standing without needing support) she’ll show her anger. 

And she will persist. She won’t give up. 

She will try every way possible to chew the charger, she will pull herself up even if it takes her 20 minutes, she will try and try again to walk without an adult helping her and although some days I could really do without the paddy attacks, I sort of admire this side of her. I’ve rarely seen a child with as much determination! 


She is not submissive. She is not defeatist. I think she will grow to be a strong confident woman. 

She delights in most things; being spoken to, sung to, played with, read too. Having a bath, meeting someone new, hearing music, eating new foods… You get the idea. 
I couldn’t imagine life without her.

How sweet 😊 

FYI: The Lamb is still a joy, and I still couldn’t imagine life without her, although this post was clearly written before she started phasing into the terrible-twos and I discovered the hellish-double-edged-sword that is Peppa Pig… But more on that later!  


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