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100 Happy Days- Day 47:


Coming Home

Well what a fab time we had in Pembrokeshire on our first family holiday! 

Luckily Lamb slept most of he way home, (she was definitely shattered out from the holiday!) so we didn’t need to listen to a crying baby the whole way home! 

The best thing about coming home from holiday? Binge watching a weeks worth of my favourite recorded dramas!! God bless Sky +! 


100 Happy Days- Day 46:


Last Day

Today was our last day of holidays! πŸ˜” I’ll be so sad to leave tomorrow!

This morning we went down to Broadhaven and The Lamb had her first ever Ice cream…

Later in the afternoon, Lamb stayed with The Husband and me, The Mother, my cousin and Auntie went for a look around the shops in St David’s- the smallest city in the UK.

It was very picturesque…




After a nosey round the shops and a stop off at yet another pub πŸ™Š we went home to view our lovely purchases!

Later in the evening, we all got together for fish and chips (they always taste better by the seaside!) and played some more games.

I’ll be sad to go home as we’ve had such a lovely time. The Lamb has been so spoilt and has really enjoyed herself! She loves people and attention and has certainly had her fill of that!

100 Happy Days- Day 45:


First sand castle
Today the sun was beaming so we headed down to Broadhaven to build The Lambs first sandcastle! 



She had a lovely time! And enjoyed smashing the sandcastles as well as eating them!


Later we went to The Gaellon for a superb lunch and in keeping with the theme of the week, of course I had seafood! The seafood linguine to be exact and it was gorgeous!      

100 Happy Days- Day 44:



Today we went for a visit to Solva and walked up and down the habour before stopping off for a bit of retail therapy! 

The men met us in the pub (The Habour Inn) where we had another pub lunch- vegetable lasagna delicious!


Later, I took on my biggest culinary challenge- a seafood paella for 8! Paella is a regular in our house but I’ve never cooked for so many before!

I decided on cod, haddock, salmon, cray fish, prawns, mussels and langoustines…


It was a success!

The picture doesn’t do it justice, it actually covered all four hobs and had to be cooked in a giant baking tray! 

In the evening we played some games and relaxed with a few too many glasses of wine! 

100 Happy Days- Day 43:


Fish Stew Delight!

Today we went to Broad haven and spent time on another beach, it was beautiful, despite the slightly cloudy weather. 

Later on, Me and The Husband got a rare treat and were aloud out for dinner alone while The Mother and The Step-Father looked after The Lamb.

We decided to go to St Brides, the pub we’d had lunch at the day before as I had my eye on the fish stew and The Husband had his beady eye on a mixed grill.

So off we went! My starter, stuffed mushrooms, (which was exactly the same order as yesterday’s lunch) left a little to be desired in that the mushrooms weren’t actually stuffed… with anything.


… Meanwhile The Husbands deep fried whitebait was a winner all round ( I definitely stole a few of these delicious little fishes!)


Cheese fix unsatisfied, I eagerly awaited my mains…

Which was absolutely beautiful! If you’re a seafood fan, this one should be top of your list to try! 

The meal came with garlic bread but I asked for plain bread instead and was offered their homemade olive and sundried tomato bread, which complemented the meal perfectly! 

Personally I think it went so much better than garlic bread would, anyway, the stew itself was stuffed with seafood goodies! Prawns, tiger prawns, mussels, haddock, cod etc. It truly was a delight and really made up for the cheese-less mushroom starter! 

Unfortunately, however, The Husbands mixed grill was lacking! There was a noticeable absence of sausage, much to Andys displeasure and the peppercorn sauce was distinctly pepper-less!! 

Meal over, we got some money off the bill and a free glass of wine each to make up for the disappointments then took a stroll down the nearest beach before walking home.

Pembrokeshire really is a beautiful place…


100 Happy Days- Day 42:


First Day of Holiday!

We’re here! The sun is shining and The Lamb didn’t scream the whole drive down- yay! 

We arrived at 11pm, The Lamb was sleepily transferred from car to cot with ease and The Mother was waiting with a glass of wine and beer for Mr W, God love her! 

Today we visited Newgale Beach and took the dogs for a walk along the beach. The weather was lovely (if a tad windy) and The Lamb had a great time being pushed up and down the beach watching the dogs run around.





After, we stopped off at St Brides pub in Little Haven for lunch where I tried the green lipped mussels and chefs special mushrooms stuffed with Camembert- yummy! 

First day of holiday is going very well! ☺️