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Today, Mummy and I…#week3


… Went to the Farm Park! 

We have a fantastic local Farm Park near us; Bucklebury Farm Park and Connie and I absolutely love it there! 

It’s £9.45 for an adult, £8.45 for a child and free for children under 2. A bag of food for the animals is £1. 

They do lots of different activities like Tractor Rides to see the deer, egg collecting in chicken coop and pet an animal. They have nature trails, a park, a huge trampoline dropped into the ground, a bus to play on and, of course, lots of different animals to visit, feed and pet.

Connie is a little too young for egg collecting but she loves pet an animal and the tractor rides to see the deer!

Unfortunately, due to weather conditions, we couldn’t go on the tractor ride but that wasn’t a problem as it left us more time to do Connie’s most favourite activity on the farm- go round all the animals and feed them! 

This time round she really enjoyed the rabbits and the Guinea pigs, as well as chasing the free roaming chickens! 

Chicken run!

We took part in pet an animal which was basically Connie obsessing over the Guinea pigs and shouting “No!” to the cutest little lamb every time it approached her, walked all round the park and ended with a play in the sandpit. 

Ignoring the cutest Lamb in favour of the Guinea pigs! 


Lots and lots of muddy puddles! 

Real life Peppa Pig! 

We then rounded up the day with a little indoor picnic. ❤️

Strolling on home after a fun day! 

I would really recommend it as a day out. We try and go at least once a month and I’m thinking of buying us annual ticket as it would work out much cheaper in the long run.

It’s great for us both to get outside in the fresh air and Connie really enjoys feeding the animals and learning all their names and noises etc. 

What I really love about it is how well looked after the animals all are. They are well fed, well groomed and have clean and comfortable stables/hutches with large areas to roam. The staff are really friendly and knowledgeable about all the animals too. 

Another great day out at Bucklebury Farm Park! 🐰🐹🐷🐮

Next week… Little Jars of Awesome! 🌟


Today, Mummy and I… #Week2


… Made Valentines Cards! ❤️

Ok, so usually I’m pretty non-commital when it comes to this “holiday” (or “hallmark day” as it more accurately is) but this year I decided to get into the swing of things! 

We dusted off the craft sheet (bargain by the way- £4 from Sainsburys!) and the finger paints and got stuck in! 

The idea was to make a bouquet of flowers using Lambs handprint, the palm would be the vase, the fingers would be the stems and the finger prints at the top would be the petals.

As you can see, they all turned out completely different but that’s what I love about them! Each one is individual! 

We had enough to send one to each set of Grandparents, Great-Grandparents, God parents and Daddy too 😘

The Lamb had a great time playing with the paints and dipping her hands in all the different colours! She was also very impressed when I mixed blue and yellow to make green 😜 super mummy! 

I would really recommend Crayolas washable finger paints. It was £4 for 3 primary colour tubes; we’ve used them a few times now and there’s still tons left! 

It was fun coating every surface with paint! 

Also, mercifully, the paints washed out of all Lambs (and my!) clothes and wiped easily off all surfaces. 

Other things we used were:

*Paper plates for paint pallets

*A packet of 10 plain cards and envelopes (£2 for 10) from Sainsburys 

…Next week we venture outside and see what Life On The Farm is all about! ☺️

Today, Mummy and I… #Week 1


… Made a pillow bed! 

So here’s the first post of mine and The Lambs new segment entitled “Today, Mummy and I…”. The idea is, each week, me and The Lamb will post our creative projects / day trips etc for you all to see and enjoy!

As it’s the first week, we’re weaning in with something easy and we decided to make a pillow bed! This is ridiculously easy to do and The Lamb loves it! 

Honestly, I got the idea from seeing how much Connie loves my mums dog bed (and strops when she’s told to get off!) so I thought I’d make her her own non-dog version!🙊🐥

All you need is:

*4 pillow cases 

*4 pillows

*A needle and thread or sewing machine

(It’s useful to have some pins to hold the pillow cases together while you sew but it’s not essential).

Time taken to complete: 30-60 mins (depending on your sewing skills)- a lot quicker if you have a sewing machine!

Difficulty level: Easy

For our pillow bed, we decided to sew the pillows together in a large square shape, but for older children you may want to sew them together one under the other, to create a more “traditional” bed shape so taller children can stretch their legs out! 

1. Take two pillow cases and line the longer sides up next to each other- pin together if necessary and sew! 

*Make sure the opening that you put the pillows into are both facing the same way*

2. Take the next two pillow cases and repeat as above!

3. Next, sew the two pieces together. Again, make sure the openings for the pillows to go in are facing out. (If you’re doing all four pillows in a row it doesn’t matter what sides the openings face!) 

4. Finally, stuff the pillow cases with pillows, chuck on the floor and watch your little one dive on! 

Connie really loves her pillow bed. It was really straight forward to make and is easy to wash and store. It was worth the time and me and Mr W got some new bed pillows thrown into the bargain 👍🏼 so everyone’s a winner! 

Granted, this project didn’t take much of Connie’s input- I did let her chose the pillow cases out of our old jumble of linen!- but she really appreciated the bed all the same and has spent hours lying on it since and reading her books or chilling watching the tele! ☺️

First project successful! Not too bad for a human dog bed! 😉

Next week… Valentine’s Cards ❤️