Day 2 #30DaysWild


Today we planted courgettes and aubergines! 🍆🌱


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It’s been a little quiet on the blog front recently, for which I can only apologise, but we’ve been so busy! 

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Look out for an update on “Life With The Lamb”, another instalment of “Today Mummy and I…” And also join me and Connie as we take part in the #30DaysWild challenge all through June! (For more info and to take part, click here

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Today, Mummy and I…#week3


… Went to the Farm Park! 

We have a fantastic local Farm Park near us; Bucklebury Farm Park and Connie and I absolutely love it there! 

It’s £9.45 for an adult, £8.45 for a child and free for children under 2. A bag of food for the animals is £1. 

They do lots of different activities like Tractor Rides to see the deer, egg collecting in chicken coop and pet an animal. They have nature trails, a park, a huge trampoline dropped into the ground, a bus to play on and, of course, lots of different animals to visit, feed and pet.

Connie is a little too young for egg collecting but she loves pet an animal and the tractor rides to see the deer!

Unfortunately, due to weather conditions, we couldn’t go on the tractor ride but that wasn’t a problem as it left us more time to do Connie’s most favourite activity on the farm- go round all the animals and feed them! 

This time round she really enjoyed the rabbits and the Guinea pigs, as well as chasing the free roaming chickens! 

Chicken run!

We took part in pet an animal which was basically Connie obsessing over the Guinea pigs and shouting “No!” to the cutest little lamb every time it approached her, walked all round the park and ended with a play in the sandpit. 

Ignoring the cutest Lamb in favour of the Guinea pigs! 


Lots and lots of muddy puddles! 

Real life Peppa Pig! 

We then rounded up the day with a little indoor picnic. ❤️

Strolling on home after a fun day! 

I would really recommend it as a day out. We try and go at least once a month and I’m thinking of buying us annual ticket as it would work out much cheaper in the long run.

It’s great for us both to get outside in the fresh air and Connie really enjoys feeding the animals and learning all their names and noises etc. 

What I really love about it is how well looked after the animals all are. They are well fed, well groomed and have clean and comfortable stables/hutches with large areas to roam. The staff are really friendly and knowledgeable about all the animals too. 

Another great day out at Bucklebury Farm Park! 🐰🐹🐷🐮

Next week… Little Jars of Awesome! 🌟

Today, Mummy and I… #Week2


… Made Valentines Cards! ❤️

Ok, so usually I’m pretty non-commital when it comes to this “holiday” (or “hallmark day” as it more accurately is) but this year I decided to get into the swing of things! 

We dusted off the craft sheet (bargain by the way- £4 from Sainsburys!) and the finger paints and got stuck in! 

The idea was to make a bouquet of flowers using Lambs handprint, the palm would be the vase, the fingers would be the stems and the finger prints at the top would be the petals.

As you can see, they all turned out completely different but that’s what I love about them! Each one is individual! 

We had enough to send one to each set of Grandparents, Great-Grandparents, God parents and Daddy too 😘

The Lamb had a great time playing with the paints and dipping her hands in all the different colours! She was also very impressed when I mixed blue and yellow to make green 😜 super mummy! 

I would really recommend Crayolas washable finger paints. It was £4 for 3 primary colour tubes; we’ve used them a few times now and there’s still tons left! 

It was fun coating every surface with paint! 

Also, mercifully, the paints washed out of all Lambs (and my!) clothes and wiped easily off all surfaces. 

Other things we used were:

*Paper plates for paint pallets

*A packet of 10 plain cards and envelopes (£2 for 10) from Sainsburys 

…Next week we venture outside and see what Life On The Farm is all about! ☺️

Pu’erh Tea Review


So I’m back on the reviewing wagon and I’m starting off with this lovely little number I acquired shortly before Christmas.

Pu’erh Tea by Slimming Solutions

So what is Pu’erh Tea, you ask? 

Well, this is the description on the box..

“Pu’erh Tea is a traditional Chinese tea commonly used as an aid for weight loss helping with fat metabolism, burning calories and digestion. Drinking a cup of Pu’erh Tea after each meal is the correct way to use tea as a metabolism booster.

For weight loss, it is recommended to drink two to three cups a day after meals for three months, then a cup a day for weight maintenance.”


Wait wait, I know, I hear you sighing “what ANOTHER miracle slimming tea?” And I get it. The market is flooded with them, hey, I’ve even reviewed another brand of slimming tea on this blog before. 

But this tea boasts Victoria Beckham amongst it’s fans- and nothing says slim-chic glamour quite like dear old VB does it? So I was mega excited to trial this particular product! 

So- how does it work? 

The people at Pu’erh recommend you have a cup of the tea after each meal. The “Brucey bonus”, if you like, is that the tea can be used to make two cups, meaning you get more for your money. 

A box containing 20 tea bags will therefore do you for 40 post-meal cups. That’s 40 cups of tea all for £14.95! I have to say, price wise, that pees all over some other big name brands that charge a mighty £10.99 for 7 teabags, that can only be used once… No names being mentioned but if you’re knowledgable in the detox tea world, you can guess which brand I’m talking about here! 

**One thing I might point out is that it took me a while to realise that you can reuse the little bags- that the tea bags come individually wrapped in- to transport your once used tea bag in between meals. I don’t know if this is the intention of the little bags because it doesn’t say it on the box. But for a few days I was using little sandwich bags before I discovered the extra use of little bag wraps, so I thought I’d point that out for future tea drinkers!**

So- what does it taste like? 

The ingredients stated on the box are:

“Pu-erh (70%) Rosehip (16%) Water Lily (7%) Cassia Tora (7%) 

Naturally sugar free with no artificial additives”

I have to say- I love the flavour of this tea! It’s delicate, it’s light, it’s comforting. It’s a winner in my books! No sharp overpowering flavours come up to smack you in the face. It’s just lovely.

Any side effects?

I can’t find any potential side effects listed on the box or website, so I take that to mean you shouldn’t get any. And I didn’t. Not nasty ones anyway! 

When testing out some other brands I’ve experienced headaches, dehydration and stomach cramps to name a few. With Pu’erh I experienced none of the above. In fact, I believe it helped my digestion positively! I suffer with IBS and therefore get lots of cramping and bloating. In my two weeks drinking Pu’erh I experienced no cramping and my bloating was quickly eased after my post-meal cuppa! 

Winning! 👏🏻👏🏻

But the big question is- do they work?

And the answer is, with this particular brand, yes. I’ve had success. Alongside my usual diet of relatively healthy eating (with the occasional treat thrown in!) I managed to lose 2.5 pounds in the first week and a further 2 pounds in the second week- this might not sound like a life changing amount but if you know me, you’ll know I struggle to lose big weekly. My general weight loss is usually 0.5-1 pound a week, so this tea has actually helped my weight loss 3 fold!!

So- final question, would I buy the tea? 

Yes! Pu’erh now has another loyalist to add to their lists! I would buy this tea again (in fact, since drinking my last load, I have put in an order!) But I wouldn’t just buy this tea for the weight loss element. 

See this tea is simply LOVELY! Again, if you know me, you’ll know I love tea. I mean LOVE tea. All the tea, all the time. Black, white, herbal, green, loose leaf- you name it, it’s in my cupboard! 

(Not quite as true with this particular tea!)

This tea, is delightful. It’s subtle, it’s calming, it’s perfect for a post-meal drink and, most importantly, it helped control my bloating and IBS. It was excellent! And I don’t think the prices are too steep. Slimming solutions actually do lots of great bulk buy deals too which is fab 👍🏼

Overall rating? 5 big fat stars from me! 


Tasty? ✅

Competitively priced? ✅

Free from side effects? ✅

Weight loss achieved? ✅

Overall experience enjoyable? ✅

Well done Pu’erh! 

***I was given a free two week sample to trial this product but, as always, the opinions here are 100% my own. I have not been paid to write this review.***