Two Pink Lines…

cropped-img_2712.pngSeeing a positive pregnancy test for the first time causes a chain of emotions- happiness, fear, excitement, nervousness- It’s never-ending! But this wasn’t just a “normal” pregnancy, this was a rainbow pregnancy! So think of the emotions that you associate with a standard pregnancy and magnify them; pull them apart, distort them and multiple them by 1000 and you might have a general idea of what a rainbow pregnancy is like!

Being the type of person I am, once I found out I was pregnant, I immediately wanted to record every detail of my pregnancy and research every aspect of being pregnant! What new mum wouldnt?! It’s an exciting and challenging time! Something most women only go through a couple of times in their lives; and as I mentioned above, this particular pregnancy was special.

Challenging, it turns out, was a correct turn of phrase in more ways than the one I had imagined…

I had no idea, that for the next 9 months my life, I would be target to all and sundry gawking at my ever-growing stomach, passing criticism and handing out “advice” like I had a request tattooed on my forehead!

The phrase “I have done this before!” has been uttered, muttered and screamed by me more times than I care to remember, verbally and mentally. I had to put up with all this when I was pregnant with Harry, you’re telling me I have to go through this again? What, didn’t my first son count?

Don’t get me wrong, I was thrilled to be pregnant, I was just truly baffled by the way IMG_2713people treat pregnant women, like all the social filters that human beings usually possess, evaporate once they find out a woman is pregnant. “If the public have so much to say about my bump, what one earth are they going to be like when I have my baby?!” was a common panic of mine.

Another thing I couldn’t quite get my head around was the endless information on what women should and shouldn’t do when pregnant and how almost all of it is followed by “experts are unsure” or “be on the safe side and avoid”… Why are experts so unsure? The human race depends on reproduction! Haven’t we been getting pregnant and birthing children for billions of years? Why then, are we all so unsure of what we can and can’t actually do when pregnant?!

Being pregnant isn’t easy, between the never-ending nausea, the crap medical information and the constant stream of social faux pas I was shocked to discover; I didn’t actually kill anyone… Although the thought crossed my mind several times!

So, after an epiphany what seems like an age ago, I decided to start this blog to log all the glorious details of my bun-cooking! The goal was to help me let off some steam, get rid of some anxieties’ and maybe (just maybe!) someone may stumble upon this and think twice about commenting on the size of the pregnant girls bump down the road…

So if you’re currently pregnant- rainbow or otherwise!- and want to have a good laugh at the many grumbles and groans my rainbow pregnancy gave me, the journey starts here…

 The Beginning Week 5: Fertile Myrtle


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